Chapter 1 Who Is the Prey

“Let you use this car for so long-is it a woman?” The night was thick, Shen Zhijie walked closer to see it clearly, and his brow was slightly wrinkled.

“No way, I’ve run into it. Brother Jie, how do you deal with this little girl?” Tiger asked.

Shen Zhijie lowered his head and wrapped the blood on his palms with cloth strips. He glanced at the woman shivering at the wheel and shivered. He was silent for a moment: “Clean up, don’t leave trouble.” The deliberately lowered voice is very nice and the tone is clean and subtle Shen, but faintly cool.

“Look at you!” The tiger responded and lifted an iron stick of how long to the woman.

It was a threaded steel bar with a thick thumb. He Yan picked it up from the construction site and placed it in the toolbox in front of the co-pilot seat. She was originally used for self-defense. When you put it, how did you think it would fall? In the hands of the gangster, it became the murder weapon that demanded her life.

To live, to live anyway!

He Yan shook like a sifter, but there was a voice crying in her heart. Her parents were still there. She was gentle and peaceful all her life, and she could not accept her tragic death in the wild. Moreover, she and Liang Yuanze were waiting for her to gather in the past.

She really shouldn’t be driving this country road alone, shouldn’t she think it’s safe to drive, or should she kindly step on the brakes when she sees a person lying on the road? She really should step on the accelerator and press it directly!

But now is not the time to regret self-blame, she is on the verge of death.

“I beg you, don’t kill me, I will give you all the car and money! I will never report the crime, just beg you not to kill me!” She cried timidly, kneeling down and sitting on the roadside The cold-eyed man climbed two steps in front of him and begged: “Brother, please don’t kill me. See if I really wanted to save them when I parked. Did you let me go? I would never talk nonsense. Yes, I didn’t see anything tonight, I didn’t encounter anything, really, really!”

This is a fairly smart woman. Shen Zhijie couldn’t help but raise her eyes and looked at her more, tearful face, facial features Righteous and delicate, but slightly deformed by fear, eyes are full of tears, shining with longing. However, this does not make him forget his situation at this time.

He was indifferent to the cry of the woman, and bowed his head to cover the wound in his hand, which was hurt when he just jumped from the sky when he fled, and his palm was pressed to a stubble stone on the roadside, which was almost cut into Two halves.

The woman was still crying and crying at his feet. His brows were getting tighter and he became more and more irritable. In addition to the inconvenience of binding with one hand, he had to reach out to the skinny monkeys around him. He asked the tiger coldly again, “What are you waiting for?” The

tiger came over and picked her up like a baby chick, dragging her into the grass on the roadside.

He Yan struggled strugglingly, but did not dare to scream. In this wilderness wilderness, where no shop was found before the village, no one came to call, and she could only be asked to die faster, so she was still just Begging, crying and begging.

“Tiger, wait a minute!” The thin monkey’s heart that bound Shen Zhijie’s palms first softened, and he called out the tiger, and asked Shen Zhijie carefully: “Brother Jie, let’s keep this woman first. Just like her, you can still What’s wrong with us?”

Shen Zhijie’s eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and his lips didn’t speak, but the tiger couldn’t help but ridicule his brother: “Are you a kid who’s heart moved?” The

thin monkey laughed, didn’t conceal his desire, and asked the tiger:” What if you move? You haven’t touched a woman for more than a month. Don’t you kid don’t want to?”

With the bright moonlight, the tiger looked down at the woman in his hand, and couldn’t help but feel a little moved.

Both of them were shaken, looking at Shen Zhijie together.

Shen Zhijie’s indifferent and fierce gaze swept over the scared and silly He Yan, and the words he spit out were cold and ruthless, “We are running away, we want to play with women and wait for safety. Just play with you.”

He Yan winced uncontrollably. , She tried not to faint herself, and turned her begging eyes towards the thin monkey-like man, fighting for the only life chance, “Brother, as long as you don’t kill me, I’m willing to do anything, and I have parents at home, they Just one of my daughters.” The

thin monkey is really tempted, and he is hard on his scalp, and he asks Shen Zhijie with a hippie smile: “Father, I can’t delay much time to play now.”

Shen Zhijie hasn’t said yet, the tiger couldn’t bear it first. He smiled and scolded: “Look at your point!”

Although he scolded like this, he didn’t continue to drag He Yan far away, and looked at Shen Zhijie together with the thin monkey.

He fled this time, and only these two followed. Shen Zhijie lifted his eyes and swept them, snatched a grassy path from the side of the road into his mouth, and for the first time showed an indifferent look on his angular face, he finally shook his head and said, “This is not the time. Wait It’s safe, I’ll find ten of you!”

“But now—” The thin monkey is not reconciled and is about to fight again. Suddenly he feels that his sleeve was pulled by the tiger, and he shut his mouth.

“Okay, let’s listen to Brother Jie.” The tiger returned with a smile, motioning the thin monkey to take the person away.

The skinny monkey went straight to He Yan, picked him up and left. The tiger looked at Shen Zhijie with a smile on his face again: “I’m going to give the thin monkey a handle. Will you go to the car for a break?”

“No. The environment in the car is too closed to notice the abnormality for the first time.” Shen Zhijie walked to the road By the side, he closed his eyes against a tree. “You move faster.”

“Yes!” The tiger promised, chasing in the direction of the thin monkey leaving.

He Yan was carried by the skinny monkey all the way and did not resist. He obeyed the strength of the skinny monkey obediently and kept begging him: “Brother, don’t kill me, I beg you don’t kill me, I really do nothing I won’t say it.”

“Don’t kill you, I won’t kill you, as long as you obediently obey!” The thin monkey coped with it. After looking at him, the tiger hadn’t caught up. The expression on his face became more and more obscured, and he glanced around, pulling her into the grass in a hurry.

He Yan soon understood that the skinny monkeys wanted to start with their heads on their backs. This may be an opportunity to escape. He Yan’s expression moved.

“In the car, let’s go in the car.” He Yan’s voice was whispered and even more touching.

The tiger that came later saw him, and he couldn’t help but smile, and the sly expression on his face was even worse.

The skinny monkey was afraid of disturbing Shen Zhijie, and he couldn’t make up his mind for a moment. He Yan hurriedly explained: “The back seat of the car is still more comfortable, not uncomfortable.”

Both the skinny monkey and the tiger were obsessed with this and hesitated. In a flash, she really pulled the car in the middle of the road, pulled open the rear door, and pushed her in.

The car is a white SUV. The body is tall and spacious. The tiger leans on the body. Through the half-open window glass, he jokes with the skinny monkey in the car: “Are you kid?” The

skinny monkey scolded vaguely. He said, “Get out of here.”

“Grass!” Tiger couldn’t help but whispered, got up and left the car body, walked two steps forward, and then returned to the car to remind the person: “Monkey, you fucking point!

” The woman’s figure is absolutely amazing.” The thin monkey’s voice was full of surprise and pride, and the voice shouted with excitement: “Laozi earned it today!” The

tiger froze for a while, spitting on the ground, and looked back. Not far away was Shen Zhijie, who kept his eyes closed, “Hurry up, don’t let Brother Jie wait!” The

thin monkey was busy inside, and he didn’t even care about him.

In the car, He Yan bit her lip with patience, she took a deep breath, wrapped her arm around the man’s neck, and pressed his neck down without showing any traces, while the other hand secretly touched the bag behind the passenger seat .

There is a knife, a small but sharp fruit knife. The last time Liang Yuanze drove her to take a spring tour, on the way back she was lazy and slept in the back seat. After waking up, she used the knife to cut the fruit for him. At that time she was sitting in the back seat, cutting the apple into small pieces with a knife, and then feeding it into Liang Yuanze’s mouth. He would suddenly grab her finger, spoiled by her exclamation, and would not let go.

She had to live, and He Yan told herself again and again in her heart, father, mother, and Yuanze, they are still waiting for her, she can’t die here, died in such a humiliating and unbearable rape .

He Yan finally touched the sharp weapon, and the murderer still pressed on her to make a kiss, but she had never been so calm as before, sliding her hand over his back, trying to confirm the position of the heart, but she was not sure and afraid This thing is too short, it may not pierce his heart at once, unable to kill with one blow.

He Yan knew that she didn’t have time to hesitate anymore. She hooked his back and raised her head to block his mouth. The man was unaware of her attempt and even surprised her reaction.

At that moment, the knife in He Yan’s hand pierced his neck without hesitation.

It was also a place where he could be killed. The thin body of the man froze in an instant. He looked up desperately, his eyes widened, as if he wanted to see the woman under him. It’s a pity that he had no chance any more. He Yan’s legs were tightly wrapped around his lower extremities, his hands were pressed tightly on his back of the head, and the other hand held the knife handle, so he tried his best to draw down. Strike hard at places that may be fatal.

This weapon is so important that she was brought back from abroad far away.

She had to reach out and cover her eyes, her eyes were almost covered with blood, the talent on her body finally stopped struggling, and her warm body only had a faint twitch. He Yan did not dare to let go, but she secretly glanced out of the car. The fierce and tall man stood not far from the car, while the other “Brother” was still on the roadside.

The car didn’t turn off, she didn’t go out when she got out of the car to check. She must not disturb them, climb quickly to the front, lock the door, and then drive away.

This is her only chance to survive.

He Yan took a deep breath and gently pushed away the thin man on her body.

Shen Zhijie is closing his eyes and raising his mind, and is also thinking about what to do next. They have escaped for more than 1,000 kilometers. Nanzhao City is not far away, but the future is still unpredictable. When the two come back, they must rush to Nan Zhao as soon as possible.

The surroundings became more and more quiet, he was a little lost, and his tense nerves were a little loose, even making him fail to make a sound at the first moment. The lights that were extinguished when he was afraid of attracting attention suddenly turned on. He looked up in amazement and rushed across the road. He saw that the white SUV rushed towards him in a crazy way.

The strong light caused him to be blind for a short time, but he could see the man driving just by looking at it. It was the woman who only knew crying and begging, now with half of the blood on his face, and the other half was pale and ghostly. Only those eyes were still dark, covered in tears, filled with mad hatred, and dazzled.

“Brother -” Tiger screamed, threw it without hesitation, pushed him to the side with no response, without thinking, Shen Zhijie rolled instinctively to the side of the road, the wheel rubbed his shoulder, but the tiger It was hit by the front of the car and went straight for more than ten meters before falling down, making a dull sound.

The car didn’t stop at all, straight over the tiger’s legs and walked away.

He Yan held the steering wheel with both hands, only knowing to slam on the accelerator, the car drove forward along the country road until it rushed up to the bright streets of the city, which suddenly stopped. Her whole body was shaking uncontrollably, her hands were shaking and she couldn’t hold her mobile phone, let alone pressing Liang Yuanze’s number.

“Ah–” She uttered a low growl like a beast, and bit her wrist hard with her mouth open, until the pain stopped the jitter, which only made Liang Yuanze’s phone call, and wept silently, “Report, Yuanze , Report the incident, I have an accident.”

She drove alone to his city late at night. Originally, she just wanted to surprise him.

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