Chapter 1 Return, kill all enemies in the world

Early September.

gradually cool.

A thin figure wearing a black trench coat slowly approached the Jiangbei auction house.

He has short hair and shredded stubble, a height of 1.82 meters, sword eyebrows and staring eyes, and his heroic spirit is compelling.

That pair of eagle-like sharp eyes stared closely at the high-rise building stained by the **** sunset.

“Five years, my Xiao Chen, finally came back!”

The voice just fell, a burly figure quickly came to his side, bowed deeply, said:

“Emperor Zun, find out clearly, the heirloom of the Xiao family, Hongmeng Tu, will be auctioned at Jiangbei Auction House today!”

Xiao Chen clenched his fist, his eyes showed a chill, and in an instant, the wind and the clouds thundered, the thunder was great, and within a hundred miles, the temperature dropped more than ten degrees, and a layer of hoarfrost even condensed on the grass.

Five years ago, the Xiao family was also one of Jiangbei Wangzu!

Only because, Xiao Chen married the magic capital Liu family Qianjin Liu Yunxuan, he attracted a massacre, and overnight, the glory no longer, blood flowed into the river!

Lu Qiran!

The rich country of Kyoto, the first heir to the Lu family, has a deep obsession with Liu Yunxuan!

With the momentum and strength of the landing family, the Xiao family was abruptly destroyed!

Five years later, Xiao Chen could remember Lu Qiran’s grim face every night!

“Liu Yunxuan, let me tell you! There is no woman in this world that I can’t get from Lu Qi! If I can’t get it, then don’t want anyone else to get it! This waste called Xiao Chen, I will kill his family today, I want Let you see it with your own eyes, I will break his bones one by one!”

What makes Chen Chen even more distressed is that the pain of tearing his heart is not as good as the parents being killed in front of his own eyes, and the pain of his wife’s ion!

“Xiao Chen, isn’t she? Dare to move the woman that Master Ben is looking at, you don’t pour urine to take photos of yourself, what kind of dog are you? Are you qualified to fight Master Ben? Interrupt your bones, just Get some interest! I want you to see it with your own eyes, your parents are suffocated to death! Hahahaha… You are a dog, now angering Master Ben, I will make your whole family a dead dog!”

The most ironic thing is to tell Lu Qiran that he and Liu Yunxuan are married, actually their own uncle and pro uncle!

For the future, for the glory and wealth, they recruited the devil, and watched, accompanied by the landing, and laughed to see that their whole family was killed!

That night, Xiao Chen could only roar with a hoarse voice!

That night, Xiao Chen was thrown into the river like a dead dog!

That night, Xiao Chen’s heart was ashamed, leaving only endless resentment!

If not, when meeting your own master, I am afraid that Xiao Chen had already been buried in the fish belly at this moment, even the scum is not left?

Take a deep breath, Xiao Chen’s eyes, cold as water.

With his hands on his back, he went straight into the auction.

“From now on, no one is allowed to enter the Jiangbei auction house, offenders, don’t talk about killing!”


Hong Mengtu is the treasure of the Xiao family. This generation was not passed on to the uncle and the third uncle, but to the father of Xiao Chen.

If there was no accident three years ago, it would not be lost here, I am afraid… Has already reached the hands of Xiao Chen?

At the moment, the auction process of Hongmengtu is being conducted at the auction.

“300 million! Chen Shao bids 300 million, who else is willing to pay a higher price?”

“300 million once!”

“300 million twice!”

“300 million three times! The deal! Congratulations to Shao Chen, the purchase of the famous painting Hongmeng! This auction is over!”

Everyone congratulated a young man wearing a brand-name suit in the front row.

“Congratulations to Shao Chen, the great picture taken!”

“In our Jiangbei, I am afraid that only Chen Shao will be qualified. Can I swallow this great picture?”

“That’s not it? Chen Jia is our leader in Jiangbei! In addition to the Chen family, who can casually take out 300 million to buy this famous painting?”

was praised by everyone, the young man smiled indifferently, sorted the neckline, and smiled towards everyone:

“It’s you friends who love you, otherwise, today, it’s impossible for me to take this Hongmeng map so easily! At noon, I will put down a banquet at the Jiangbei Hotel and talk about thank you, and hope you can enjoy a face!”

“It must be certain, Chen Shao treats guests, why don’t we justify it?”

“Chen Shaozhen really has everyone’s style and deserves to be the first heir to the Chen family. It seems that the future homeowner of the Chen family is just around the corner!”

Chen Shao’s mouth was light, and there was a look of pride in his eyes.

Father Chen is very interested in Hongmengtu. Unfortunately, at that time, the Xiao family was reluctant to sell.

Now that the Xiao family is dying, this magnificent plan has also been brought up for auction by the Xiao family boss and the third son. He just took the opportunity to win the grandpa’s happiness, and his future position as the head of the Chen family can be more consolidated!

is excited, at the gate, walked in a handsome figure!

Looking at the Hongmeng picture on the booth, the pair of cold eyes like water can’t help but glow a little.

Once upon a time, grandfather and father, only at the time of the holiday, will unfold the Hongmeng map and tell its story!

Today, it is being contested by a group of vulgars.

Town’s famous paintings, like the Xiao family in those days, are like small boats drifting in the wind and rain.

How sad?

Take a deep breath again, calm down the mood, Xiao Chen, speak lightly.

“Hong Meng Tu, I want it!”

‘S voice is not loud, but it is very abrupt, in the auction house of Noda, echoing back and forth!

The voice of flattery of the people stopped one after another, and his eyes were cast on Xiao Chen.

“Who is this person? Is your brain sick?”

“That’s it, the auction is over, is he still here?”

“What if the auction is not over? Hong Mengtu, but Chen Shao fancy! He dare to fight with Chen Shao, he doesn’t know how to die!”

Chen Shaolue frowned, glanced at Xiao Chen, couldn’t see the brand of clothes on Xiao Chen’s body, could not help showing a look of disdain!

“What kind of cats and dogs did they dare to crawl out to call this year! The auctioneer immediately packed the Hongmeng map for me, I have no time to waste here!”


The auctioneer immediately prepared to arrange people to pack the Hongmeng map.

But at this time, Xiao Chen spoke again!

“I say it again, Hongmengtu, I want it!”

This remark makes the hall noisy again!

“Fuck! This guy, my brain is really getting water? It has been said that Chen Shao has already bought it, what else does he want?”

“Isn’t he afraid of being beaten to death if he makes trouble here?”

Chen Shao Ze’s eyes were cold, staring at Xiao Chen.

He turned his back to the auctioneer and waved at the auctioneer, saying:

“You pack first!”

Immediately, he was carrying one-handed back, and the other hand, pointing at Xiao Chen’s nose, said coldly:

“I don’t care where you got out of the bunny! I tell you, don’t give me anything to look for! This big picture has already been bought by Ben! You’d better recruit me to brighten it, otherwise, don’t blame me You’re welcome!”

The voice just fell, Xiao Chen’s eyes flicked, a cold awn, burst out, bursting through Chen Shao’s chest!

With the dull sound of ‘Poo’, Chen Shao fell to the ground on the spot, a pair of big eyes, staring deadly, full of confusion!

Until this moment, he did not know, what happened to him?

“Now, you can’t buy it!”

Xiao Chen walked past him lightly and came to the auctioneer. He took away the Hongmeng figure in one hand.

Not just him, the entire auction house, and no one dares to talk nonsense!

It wasn’t until the arrogant figure disappeared at the auction that everyone was talking about it!

“My God, who is he? He dare to kill Chen Shao?”

“Crazy, this is a lunatic! The Chen family will not let him go!”

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