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No. 4 Clinic Building

No. 4 Clinic Building
Other names: 4号门诊楼
Author: Yasumizu not cold
Genre: Suspense, Novels
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


A man died unexpectedly during a heart operation. On the same night, the wife of the vice-president jumped off the building bizarrely, and died after the rescue was unsuccessful. Subsequently, the staff on duty in the basement morgue also died unexpectedly, and all of this happened. Upstairs in Outpatient Clinic No. 4, which was later called the Building of Death, was all this just a coincidence?

A few days later, one night, someone saw a white shadow in the cemetery behind Outpatient Building No. 4, and there were also others. I saw a woman in white clothes without legs and legs in the outpatient building No. 4. Suddenly, an atmosphere of horror fell from the sky and began to spread in the outpatient building No. 4…


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