Muchuan and Xiang Wan

Deemed hopeless by her family and that she was better off married when her fourth novel continued to be a flop, aspiring author Xiang Wan begins to doubt herself. While feeling conflicted about continuing her dream as an author, things take an unexpected turn when a dazzling guy appears before her and takes her to the police station.
“What? I’m the primary suspect in a murder case?”

A murder has taken place and the details are eerily similar to the details of her latest novel. The dazzling guy turns out to be a talented detective with a hidden identity who is assigned to investigate the case. From then on, her life turns topsy-turvy.

In the beginning, she seeks the detective’s protection by requesting to stay overnight at his place.
“Detective Bai, is it not the duty of the police to protect the witness when her life is in extreme danger?”
She ends up staying at his house overnight because of various reasons, such as—

Scenario 1:
Xiang Wan: “Detective Bai, you have no right to detain me…”
Detective Bai: “I remember you’re the one who requested to stay at my house?”

Scenario 2:
Xiang Wan: “There’s no need for that. Detective Bai, I can return…”
Detective Bai: “You’ve not cleared of suspicion yet. If something happens, at least you’ll have an alibi.”
Scenario 3:
Xiang Wan: “Why did you bring me to your house again?”
Detective Bai: “You haven’t released a new chapter today!” he said, enunciating each syllable, “I want to read your latest chapter before telling you of our latest investigations.”
Title: Muchuan and Xiang Wan
Alternative name: 慕川向晚
Author: Si Jin
Genre: Action, Josei, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Shoujo
Chapter: 762
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The afterglow of the setting sun spewed a beam of light from the eaves and shone on the faces of a group of school children…

The smiley face was lined with the red scarf on the chest, innocent, romantic, and charming like flowers.

The crowd on the street commuting to get off work on bicycles, like a super huge team, driving from the end of the city to the end of the city. Busy and leisurely.

Yan Chuan walked slowly.

Follow behind a group of children.

Not far away.

It was so close to hear a group of children screaming and yelling.

They were too far away to notice him.

After walking through the department store and through a small street full of tea houses, he came to his home.

This is the second ring of Jincheng.

The roar of large trucks covered the road with dust.

The most injured city development is the environment. On the edge of the Second Ring Road where Yan Chuan’s home is located, a low-rise bungalow is covered with ash inside and out, and there are large fields behind him, and crops have not been spared. If it didn’t rain for a few days, it would have lost its verdant green.

The Yanchuan family is not a local.

When he moved to Jincheng, he did not know.

From the beginning of the memo, the Mandarin-speaking mother was out of tune with the neighbors who spoke Jincheng.

For several years, my mother still did not learn to speak Jincheng dialect.

Yan Chuan speaks fluently, but he never speaks.

At school, because of the beautiful white face and fluent Mandarin, the young age of Yan Chuan is very popular with female students, but boys hate him. Hate his good-looking face, hate his temperament different from them, like someone from another world, there is a noble vigor in his bones, never “collimate with them”-rolling iron ring, throwing sandbags, Cockfighting, playing marbles, collecting cigarette cases… These children like entertainment, he never participates, and is always excluded by them.

They gave Yan Chuan a nasty nickname called Xiaobailian.

In the world of children, this is already a great insult.

But this nickname disappeared after their leader was beaten by Yan Chuan.

Since then, Yan Chuan has added another nickname-the white-faced king.

Yan Chuan is very good at fighting, since childhood.

I have changed five kindergartens in three years with countless wins and no losses.

Now in elementary school, the frequency of asking parents at least five times a semester is still maintained.

Yan Chuan only fights, not scolds.

After each fight, he never told the teacher or his mother why he had to fight.

Not to tell his mother, how dirty those children’s mouths are, and they would scold him and his mother with how to pickle them.

Yan Chuan is like a cold wind, isolated from them at both ends of the world.

The children in front of me who talked and laughed lived close to the Yanchuan family. A row of bungalows can be accessed through a courtyard door.

They were like twitter chicks. When they arrived at the gate of the courtyard, a swarm of bees rushed in. They suddenly ran out together again with a laugh, and laughed at Yan Chuan hanging far behind.

“Yan Chuan, your family is here!”

“Your wild father is here to find your mother again!”


The children sneered maliciously and unscrupulously.

Yan Chuan carrying a schoolbag, standing outside the courtyard, his face full of sunlight.

The little shadow was pulled very long by the sunset.

It took a while before he walked into the yard.

It was already winter, and even if the touch of the setting sun tried to exude a warm glow, the air was still cold and dry, and the wind blew on the face and pierced the bones. Yan Chuan lowered his head, looked at the closed door, and was about to raise his hand to push, and the door opened.

A man came out in a hurry, Yan Chuan just hit him in the arms.

The man stabilized himself and looked down at the pretty little boy with a smile on his face.

“Are you Chuanzi?”

Yan Chuan was startled.

He has never seen this man.

Out of politeness, he nodded and said nothing.

The man looks handsome and smiles warmly. For a moment, Yan Chuan even hoped that the children’s jokes were true—if this man was his father, it would be fine. Such a nice and tall man became his father, who else would dare to laugh at him?

“I am your uncle Bai.”

Uncle Bai?

Yan Chuan showed confusion in his eyes.

Obviously, he had never heard of Uncle Bai.

The man looked at him, smiled slightly, took out a handful of sugar from his pocket like a trick, and stuffed it into his hand.

“Well, eat it…”

Yan Chuan frowned and refused to ask.

“Hold, good boy, hurry up.” The man urged again.

His tall body stood in the doorway, and Yan Chuan couldn’t get in, his face embarrassed.

“Kawako is back?” There was a voice from the house, Yan Ruoxiang, Yanchuan’s mother.

She came over, her face was red, her eyes were red, her hair was a little messy, she didn’t know what she had just experienced, her mood was a little unstable, she sniffed her nose and barely watched her son laugh, “Uncle Bai gives you sugar, Hurry up and say thank you?”

Yan Chuan looked at her mother and suddenly felt a little angry in her heart.

“I do not want.”

He shook his hand and sugar sprinkled all over.

“Oh, you kid…”

Yan Ruoxiang extended his finger to poke him.

He circumvented dexterously, carrying the schoolbag without a word, rushing into the door.

Yan Ruoxiang stared at him awkwardly, then hesitantly looked at the man at the door, “Make you laugh…”

Bai Zhenhua shook his head, picked up the sugar scattered on the ground one by one, looked at the room, and stuffed it into Yan Ruoxiang’s hand, and then continued to dig out from his pocket, “I bought this candy for Chuanzi, I just forgot, I only remembered him when I saw him. It’s my memory. You take it, the kids love sugar, and my family is also Xuanzi. His mother is always afraid of eating his teeth…”

Yan Ruoxiang’s, “You take it back to Xuanzi?”

Bai Zhenhua: “You don’t have to use it. Everyone at home, his milk, will soon spoil him as a little bully. Where is the lack of sugar? It’s you…” Bai Zhenhua glanced at the house, and his eyes were dark.

“In a blink of an eye, Kawako is so big. I haven’t been persuading you for so many years. However, Wei Ji and I are iron buddies. If you have any need, it’s inconvenient to tell him, just tell I.”

Yan Ruoxiang lowered his head and looked at his toes, “I don’t need anything. Now that the national policy is good, I earn enough money to feed me and Kawako…”

Bai Zhenhua sighed, “That line. I’ll go. Your two mothers take good care of themselves.”

Yan Ruoxiang held the sugar and kept it awkwardly, “Or, stay for dinner?”

Bai Zhenhua: “It’s too late. I caught the plane and didn’t go back in a long time. Xuanzi is still waiting for me at home…”

Yan Ruoxiang said, “I won’t keep you anymore. It’s just…” She looked back at the room, “Don’t be angry with your child. The child doesn’t understand…”

“How could it be?” Bai Zhenhua smiled. “Go back. Get something delicious for Kawako.”

The sound from the doorway passed into Yan Chuan’s ear.

He sat on the sofa motionless, staring at the new big color TV with his eyes.

And chicken, fish, meat, eggs, milk on the table…

When I left home in the morning, none of these things.

It was brought by that man.

Yan Chuan’s eyes were stained with moisture.

Yan Ruoxiang closed the door and came in, slightly stunned, “Why not put the school bag down?”

Yan Chuan did not speak.

Yan Ruoxiang walked over to him, glanced at the color TV along his line of sight, and smiled again, “Don’t you always want to watch TV? Your uncle Bai specially moved a color TV today, just for you. This can be seen a lot Cartoons, you don’t need to envy Xiaohu in the future…”

“Why did he send me a color TV?”

The child looked up and looked at his mother.

Yan Ruoxiang froze, “She is a friend of her mother.”

The child opened his eyes and shook his head.

At this time, he still couldn’t understand the adult’s affairs.

But with his only knowledge of the word “friend”, he felt strange.

Yan Chuan has never seen such a large color TV set, even if it was placed by a store selling electrical appliances in a department store.

There was a hint of hope in his dark and faint eyes.

“Is he my father?”

Yan Ruoxiang was depressed.

His eyes were red, and he slowly sat next to his son.


“Last time, wasn’t it?”

Yan Ruoxiang’s face with a smile on his face was pulled down completely.

“No. What do you think in your little head?”

She poked her son’s head.

Yan Chuan tilted her head, her eyes still fixed on her.

“Why don’t I have a dad?”

“Don’t you say that? Your father…” Yan Ruoxiang swallowed. “He has cancer and died.”

“I do not believe.”

The child was decisive.

“He’s dead, why is there always someone sending something to our house?”

Such a small child is not easy to deceive.

Yan Ruoxiang looked at his stubborn little face, and actually cried low, covering his face with his hands, his body curled up, afraid to look at his son’s eyes…

The child was at a loss.

He made his mother cry again.

The crying of the mother is like a sharp knife for a growing child. It can cut through his young heart directly, making his world dark and fearful, full of unknown horror…

“Mom…don’t cry.”

Yan Chuan put down his schoolbag, his little body approached, and put his small hand gently on her mother’s shoulder.

“I was wrong. Don’t cry.”

In Yan Chuan’s memory, mother loves to cry.

He grew up almost listening to his mother’s crying.

Sometimes, when he woke up in the middle of the night, his pillow was wet, and his mother’s suppressed cries always came from his ears, intermittently, babbled, until he fell asleep again in his crying, like a never The note that will end…

Whenever this time, he was at a loss.

At night, he can pretend to sleep.

Now he can’t pretend…

The child looked at his mother quietly, saying goodbye again and again.

“Mom, I was wrong.”

“Don’t cry…”

“I will never ask again.”

“Don’t ask Dad’s things, never ask again.”

The room was very dark.

Cool as water.

The cry made him uncomfortable.

“Mom…” Color looked at her mother’s twitching shoulders and slowly put her small head up, her small arms around her tightly, exhausting all his strength, like a puppy in need of care, trembling in his body. , But said to pretend to be strong, “Daddy is dead, you still have me. Don’t cry.”

Yan Ruoxiang raised her tears, holding her son’s face.

The forehead touched him, and the tears were raining, but there was no more crying than sobbing.

The child was so happy that her mother finally stopped crying and patted her head again for sure.

“Mom, wait for me to grow up. I will take care of you.”

“Woo…good boy!”

Yan Ruoxiang couldn’t bear it anymore, and wept bitterly.

The child pursed his lips and tried to cry several times, and finally hugged his mother’s head without squeaking.

Her voice did not obscure the voice in the yard.

I don’t know which one thumped the door. The voices of several women were sharp and high, and their ears were full of ridicule.

“It’s really a matchmaker. One man will send a bike, another man will send a big color TV… Our yard, it seems to be bustling. The business is very good.”

“…Looks like a goblin, with a round waist and a thin buttocks, and it catches the man’s eyes wherever he goes.”

“Ha, I see your old Zhang, it’s not uncommon for him to look over there.”

“…I can’t look down on my family’s Lao Zhang. When it’s your old Wu, he is a people’s teacher and a literate person… I heard him say the other day, saying that his son is clever and wants to help him make up for free With…”

“Fuck it. Dream! Don’t even think about it!”

“Look at you anxiously, you, hurry to give your old Wu son a son, he will not open his mind…”

The house is not soundproof.

The women did not think about carrying a little wind.

They are unscrupulous and their voices grow louder and louder.

Mocking, satire, sneering.

Roared fiercely by his own man, he still refused to converge.

In the yard, there was a lot of laughter.

For them, the beautiful and noble single “widow” is a scourge. Everyone lives together, and she is always mumbling, not dealing with people, all day dressed exquisitely and beautifully, full of anger, and made it clear that she wants to hook up with their men. Even the men in their family are not dissatisfied. They look like they have grown hooks in their eyes. If they have something to look at, they should take a few steps to look at the lamps in her house. Go in for a night…

Women are jealous.

No matter what is okay, I must find a few words to scold.

Yan Ruoxiang blinded her son’s ears.

“Don’t listen, don’t listen to them…”

“Uh.” The child nodded.

“Son, these are unsophisticated women, they talk nonsense…”

Yan Chuan nodded, like a little rabbit, cuddles his mother, red eyes, tried to squeeze out a smile, “Mother looks good, they are jealous.”

Yan Ruoxiang was stunned, a bit sweet in her bitter smile.

“The daughter-in-law who Chuanzi looks for later will look better than her mother.”

daughter in law……

There was a hint of shyness on the child’s ignorant face.

At this time, there was another laughter outside the door.

“Yo, just after sending the color TV, the brother who sent the coal is here again.”


Yan Ruoxiang stunned and hugged his son on the sofa, just preparing to see what happened, he heard the voice of a man outside.

“Xiaoyan, are you at home?”

The voice was very thick, with a little humor.

Obviously, he didn’t understand what those women were laughing at.

The tension on Yan Ruoxiang’s face relaxed again.

“Is it Master Xiang? I’m here.”

She opened the door and looked at the tricycle outside the door.

“Master Xiang, is this?”

The tricycle is full of honeycomb coal.

Xiang Dayong smiled and wiped the sweat on his forehead. “I bought coal to go home and passed here. I thought you said today that the coal at home is almost used up. No, I will send you some along the way.”

Yan Ruoxiang hesitated: “This… Master, don’t need it anymore. I can let the coal delivery come.”

“Hey!” Xiang Dayong continued to smile, squeezing Bai Shengsheng’s teeth, “The coal they sent was pulled with me, but it was not a price. Oh, you are welcome. Anyway, by the way, I am not Don’t charge your money, you have to give me the original price…”

Yan Ruoxiang rubbed her hands, “That’s embarrassing, take advantage of you.”

Xiang Dayong scratched his head and smiled bluntly, “We are colleagues, helpers should be. Which one is not difficult? You see two of you mother and son, there is no one who can do physical work. Come on, don’t be stunned. , I’ll move you in first.”

In this era, natural gas has not yet become popular.

Economically applicable honeycomb coal is a priority choice for ordinary residents.

Xiang Dayong instinctively felt that black coal **** and women were not at odds.

Therefore, at a glance Yan Ruoxiang came up to help, he quickly stopped, he laughed and said: “In our house, this kind of rough work is done by men. My wife is so precious, I never let her do heavy work. Xiao Yan, You can just sit there and I’ll be fine soon.”

This man is really kind.

Have a good family, good wife.

Justice for people and enthusiasm.

This is also the case in the company, who has something to do, he must be the fastest.

Yan Ruoxiang was a little envious of his home and his wife.

“Then thank you, Master.”

She withdrew with regret.

“You’re welcome, you’re welcome.”

Yan Ruoxiang deliberately opened the door wide, so that a group of bored women in the yard knitting sweaters and receiving shoe soles to peep through can see the situation in the house clearly…

Good intentions.

However, no one but her son believed her innocence.

Xiang Dayong is a rectal man and does not understand the delicate thoughts of women.

After he moved the coal and wiped his sweat, he had to leave without drinking a sip of water.

Yan Ruoxiang quickly gave him the money, “To the master, do you want a little, is it enough?”

Xiang Dayong didn’t give up, counted it, and put the money directly in his pocket.

“If you have any hard work in the future, you will say hello. If it’s convenient for me, I’ll help you.”

“Ah, thank you in advance.”

“Look at you politely. Ha ha ha ha!”

Yan Ruoxiang smiled and took him to the door, glanced at it, and suddenly saw the sugar on the coffee table.

That was left when Bai Zhenhua left just now. Yan Chuan didn’t want it. She took it back and put it in the tray. The candy is imported from abroad, the packaging is beautiful, and she writes words that she can’t understand. This kind of high-end candy is difficult to see in China.

She thought, ran back, grabbed a hand and chased it out, and stuffed it with Xiang Dayong.

“Take this sugar back and give it to your family.”

Xiang Dayong saw the sugar and his eyes lit up.

Even if he hadn’t seen it before, he knew it was a good thing.

When he thought of the girl, he had a splendid face, but when he saw Yan Chuan who was depressed, he still quit.

“No no no no, help you do some work, just take your home stuff, what kind of person am I? Hahaha, can’t want, can’t want. Xiaoyan, take it home, give your family Chuanzi…”

“I still have it at home. Children can’t eat too much sugar, take it, and ask the master, if you don’t accept it, where can I ask you for help in the future?”

Xiang Dayong hesitated.

Finally, did not resist the temptation.

This is an era of scarce supplies.

In the palm of a woman’s life, the colorful candy is like a glow.

What shines in the light is the little eyes that her daughter had longed for.

“That line! I will thank you for the girl.”

“In the future, take your kids to play.”

“Oh! Good!”

Xiang Dayong left.

Because of this brief warmth, Yan Ruoxiang fell into a pleasant mood.

In order to avoid misunderstanding of her son, she kept telling her son that Xiang Xiangfu is a kind-hearted person. He has a very beautiful sister at home, called late evening, smart and clever…

She even dreamed that she would have to give him a little sister in the future, and it would be too late.

The name is nice and inexplicably feels warm.

Yan Chuan was young and didn’t fully understand her mother’s words.

I don’t know, which is “wanwan” pronunciation in the evening.

Of course, at this moment, he would not even know how the man who sent coal and the girl named “wanwan” would bring about changes in his life.

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