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Other names: 妖孽仙医
Author: July Fruit
Genre: romance
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


As a member of the rebirth army, Cheng Mubai started his new life with the rebirth bonus Jiutianxian Mansion. He thought that as long as he found his mother in this life, he would take the whole family to live in seclusion and live a peaceful and stable life, but how can he do it? Unexpectedly, my mother has found it, but the days of stability are far away. What spirit? What double repair? What weapon modification? What snake and fox clan? What Pluto? You all die, (please use rap to read it out in a rhythm) I don’t want to be the savior, wait until there are treasures to be found, “husband, take me with me, I am a super invincible nanny? Even if you die, I can drag me back from the underworld.”

The introduction is just a scum, I just list it. The cuteness of the full text is good (just the author’s cuteness.) Rebirth article, in the beginning of the year, attacked by the entanglement of Sansheng III, various adventures and various copies (it is estimated that around chapter 80 can pig’s feet show off all kinds of arrogance). This kind of strange thing (when Yan Wangdian moved to a certain office building, I felt that there were still a lot of things I could write). The author thought of so many for the time being, and I will slowly add it later.

Minesweeper: Support 1v1 double cleaning, gold fingers open more text Status: The high temperature above 35 degrees for a week, Xiaoqi has melted, and I can’t update the text. I hope the god of rain can come to my Dashan Mountain this week to rain some rain to cool down. Xiaoqi promises that this article will never be pitted or broken. The website of the pirated article, The sisters who love the evil fairy doctors so much, can we steal it every few chapters? Synchronizing the stolen articles is really annoying. This is unfair to those sisters who have been buying v-reading articles. My new ancient wanwen: the emperor’s attack The story with the prince, the white-haired peacock has nothing to do with it.


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