Who Is the Prey (The Controllers)

A ruthless man, an indomitable soul, and an entanglement that was wrong.
Four years ago, she sent him to jail and was only appeased when he was executed. Four years later, he dragged her into hell. Despite seeing her hurt, his resentment failed to subside. This was a carefully prepared revenge, yet a relentless one. Fu Shenxing had always thought that He Yan would be in his palm.

Ultimately, who is the prey? Look in front, don’t fantasize about the gentleman’s soft-heartedness. Look behind, don’t expect the heroine to let go.
Title: Who Is the Prey (The Controllers)
Alternative name: 掌中之物
Author: 贝昕 (鮮橙) Bei Xin (Xian Cheng) (BE)
Genre: novel, Romance
Release: 201X
Chapter: 141
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“Let you use this car for so long-is it a woman?” The

night was thick, Shen Zhijie walked closer to see it clearly, and his brow was slightly wrinkled.

“No way, I’ve run into it. Brother Jie, how do you deal with this little girl?” Tiger asked.

Shen Zhijie lowered his head and wrapped the blood on his palms with cloth strips. He glanced at the woman shivering at the wheel and shivered. He was silent for a moment: “Clean up, don’t leave trouble.” The

deliberately lowered voice is very nice and the tone is clean and subtle Shen, but faintly cool.

“Look at you!” The tiger responded and lifted an iron stick of how long to the woman.

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