Vampire Shitsuji

The principality of Sicilia follows the sun faith Solarais. The blessed girl Leyla who has the ability to call the light of cleansing to her hand has a secret that must not be discovered by those around her. Leyla’s butler Darius is a vampire who can go live in the sun’s light. And Leyla was giving Darius her own blood. One day, Leyla and Darius came upon the scene of a murder committed by a vampire, and killed the female vampire that was there, but…
Title: Vampire Shitsuji
Alternative name: Vampire Butler, お嬢様と幸福の人形, お嬢様と薔薇の誓い, お嬢様と血の密約, ヴァンパイア執事
Author: Iri Satsuki
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Release: 2009
Page(Chapter): 2 Volumes (Complete)
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Categories: All Novel, Fantasy1, Romance

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