Usotsuki – Uso o Tsuku Tabini Nagametakunaru Tsuki

What does it mean to “like” someone? And what exactly is all this “love” nonsense? Sixteen-year-​old Kaguya Takemiya can’t wrap her mind around this “romance” mumbo-jumbo, and nobody would explain it to her — not her family, her friends, or even her boyfriend(?).

This stuff doesn’t show up in any textbooks, yet it’s all over the damn place. People throw that phrase around so casually, even when they’re not sure of their true feelings. As for Kaguya, well, every time she gives those three words a try, it comes out as just two: “How boring.” It’s a pretty awful thing to say to a loved one, whatever the hell that means. But no matter. There are more pressing matters at hand, namely, the masked individual who has been quietly staring at her…
Title: Usotsuki – Uso o Tsuku Tabini Nagametakunaru Tsuki
Alternative name: うそつき~嘘をつくたびに眺めたくなる月~
Author: Akira (日日日)
Genre: Drama, Psychological, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural
Release: 2005
Page(Chapter): 1 Volume (Complete)
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