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108 style new wife on the road

108 Style New Wife on the Road
Other names: 108式新妻上路
Author: pink fox
Genre: Xianyan Novels
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


For her boyfriend’s career, she endured tears to sell her most beloved wedding dress, and personally delivered the wedding dress to the door-but saw an action movie! The actor is her boyfriend who was supposed to be in a meeting! If there is anything more bloody than designing a wedding dress for a rival in love-it is turning around and being eaten tofu by a rival in love! Su Tong wants to cry! How can this be tolerated! Must be shocked! ! Wait, wait… Tall, handsome, rich and invincible… How did such a high-quality man be abandoned? ! The man squeezed into her house, pulled his tie off his shirt, and laughed so hard that he couldn’t think: “I have only been abandoned by one woman-that’s you.”


Chapter 1 First Encounter
Chapter 2 Cash or Transfer?
Chapter 3 Repay Me With Yourself
Chapter 4 Fu Shaokun chased to her door
Chapter 5 (108 style new wife)
Chapter 6 rushing for comfort
Chapter 7 Don’t you dare?
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