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1/14 Season 4: The 14th extra person

1/14 Season 4: The 14th extra person
Other names: 1/14第四季:多出来的第14个人
Author: Ning Hang
Genre:  Other Novel
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


Two of the 14 suspense novel writers have been murdered mysteriously, and the murderer and sponsor are still a mystery. The remaining 12 people became more and more anxious, but the game has to go on. An old man in a hospice hospital claimed to have been under house arrest for 30 years because the hospital coveted something “something” on him. The girl caring for the elderly found out that she had accidentally learned a great secret. How should she face it and what choice should she make?

The youngest son of a rich man hid in a safe while playing hide-and-seek and suffocated to death. The grief-stricken father decided to use the safe as a coffin and bury his son with the gold and silver jewelry inside. After the two tomb robbers learned of this, they dug open the tomb, only to discover the fact that they were horrified…


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