Back to Home – 月村歡迎你

From a beautiful hometown called “Yuecun”, explore the value of Taiwan’s ancient historical and family significance, and at the same time delve into the spirit of Taiwan’s traditional Yantian culture. From home to Yantian, the temperature and heritage of the home is the main core of the whole drama. In the story, the practice of the youth drifting back to the countryside depicts the moving and beautiful story of this land.

Back to Home – 月村歡迎你
Also known as: 月村歡迎你
Genre(s): Comedy, Romance, Family
Country: Taiwan
Episode(s): 18
Broadcast: SET TV
Release: May 5, 2019 – Sep 1, 2019
Starring: Ken Hsieh, Cosmos Lin, Wu Nien Hsuan, Angela Lee

Categories: Taiwanese Drama, TV Series

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