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Rebirth Eighty Splendid Military Marriage (Rebirth Eighty Splendid Marriage)

Rebirth Eighty Splendid Military Marriage (Rebirth Eighty Splendid Marriage)
Other names: 重生八零锦绣军婚(重生八零锦绣盛婚)
Author: You Fei Ya
Genre: Romance Novels
Release: Unknown
Status: Chapter 8267 Ongoing


In the past, Jiang Xiao hated the poverty and backwardness of the mountain village, and there were a lot of top quality scum. He regarded the person who took her to escape the mountain village as a benefactor, but he did not expect that he was the most terrifying jackal and tiger. Until his tragic death, Jiang Xiao knew what kind of amazing treasures grandpa left her. Returning to the mountain village, she wants to fight the best and kick the scum, protect her family, and rush out with her own ability. However, she did not expect that she would have been labelled as a cute little army sister because of a boring man…


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