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Object Moved

Object Moved
Other names: Object Moved
Author: Unknow
Genre: N/A
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


Okay, you can scold me, even if you put a shit bowl on my head, Lao Bing did not complain. I really can’t code the watch in the early morning, and I can say it, but it’s too bad. No, it might as well be no more, are you right?

Lao Bing is not a good author, and the articles he wrote are terrible, as you can tell from some of the book reviews before, hehe, very white! But Lao Bing is a novice, I need you to help Lao Bing grow up, and Lao Bing is a diligent author, you should be able to see from the update of Lao Bing, this seems to be the third shift after the New Year’s Eve. The only time I’ve done a few changes, everyone, for the sake of Lao Bing’s diligence, forgive me this time, okay? Of course, some of the brothers who spent Valentine’s Day without a lover wanted to put their anger on Lao Bing’s head, and Lao Bing had nothing to say, so he could only swallow his breath, quack, just kidding!

In addition, it is early morning, everyone’s tickets are still in hand, right? Those who can still stand in front of the computer at this time must be like Lao Bing who is a monk alone guarding the vacant room. Although a little shameless, it is for the sake of the fellow teachers and brothers. Give your votes.

Alright, Lao Bing drank a little wine and was so sleepy that he went to bed first, and got up tomorrow morning to continue three shifts!

老冰小谈主角 – “Lower Level Cultivation” has been updated for nearly a month and a half. Lao Bing is very happy to get the support of many friends. Every click, every collection, every recommendation, every comment can make Lao Bing comment on “Low”. “Hand” is full of hope and excitement.

Many friends say that the protagonist has lived for hundreds of years, but his personality is like a child, and his personality is too arrogant and domineering.

In fact, from the very beginning of writing this book, I designed this point. I think the protagonist’s character is the most reasonable. You might as well listen to me.

First, the protagonist’s previous life was a cultivator who had lived for hundreds of years in the Nascent Soul Stage. That’s right, but in the world of cultivation, is it a few hundred years old? At most, it’s a mature man. Moreover, Yuan Yingqi does not even count as a fart in the cultivation world. He has always lived at the lowest level, and all the people he has come into contact with are small people. Can everyone expect such a person to be a scheming person? For example, the easiest example for everyone to understand. Compared with a 70-year-old farmer who has never seen the world, which is more innocent than a 30-year-old young man who is already in a high position. A more sophisticated scheme?

Also, don’t forget, the past and the present are fused. The protagonist in this world is just a good-looking baby who doesn’t know anything except learning. His character is not even as mature as his peers. The protagonist’s character should be dominated by the protagonist in this world. What about status?

As for the protagonist is too arrogant, ha ha, so there is no problem.

Let’s try to figure out the title of the book “The Low Hand”. The protagonist is a third-rate guy. What kind of mastery can you expect from him? Before he cultivated, he was a domineering dude himself. His arrogance was buried in his bones. Hundreds of years of life at the bottom of the cultivation world may have suppressed his arrogance, but when he arrived on earth, he went from the bottom. He jumped to the top of the existence, if he didn’t release his arrogant character, and became even more intensified, it would be really strange.

Another point, don’t you think that the protagonist is an indirect thug? From the realm of comprehension to the earth, it is like a weak person entering the world of ants. Let me ask you, if, no matter how weak you are in real life, if you slap you alone, you dare not scream, but an ant crawls. If you bite you on your body, will you just slap you to death? The answer is yes.

Anyway, if you raise such a question, it means that you are paying attention to “Underhand” with your heart. Lao Bing is extremely grateful here, and I hope you can continue to support Lao Bing and let “Underhand” go further.


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