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The gods are blocking my immortal way

The gods are blocking my immortal way
Other names: 神君挡着我仙途了
Author: Xin Yuanci
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Release: 2019
Status: Ongoing


As the first strains of the Kunlun mountains will be able to practice five hundred years into human form ranked immortals fungus grass, Qingwan greatest wish is to lead a fairy post idle when a female fairy

However, her good fortune must have used five Xian Qi mouth on that a hundred years ago, or why a bumpy XT

her frustrations fairy way, from that day, a stone’s throw talking about

words that day, fair-weather Wai Fung Cheong …… do not say nothing the

melons for Yuan: Well, you have a second big desire?

Qingwan: Yes! Find the fairy who gave me a breath of immortality five hundred years ago, and repay me!

A certain fox: In the mortal world, people who have nothing to repay gratitude are promised by their bodies.

Tragic: This …… (peek certain gods)

gods look indifferent, his teeth floating pop out a few words, said: “She has the Lord.”


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