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Peerless Witch Doctor: The Tsundere Prince Cultivation

Peerless Witch Doctor: The Tsundere Prince Cultivation
Other names: 绝世巫医:傲娇太子养成记
Author: Lattice Wood
Genre: Fantasym Romance
Release: 2019
Status: 117


She was originally the princess of Nanzhao, the witch who was predicted to be met once in a million years, but by accident, she became the close-knit maid of Song Liancheng, the most arrogant prince of the ancient fish kingdom. So all the affairs in the palace are for her to do, washing and cooking, martial arts girl, painful, but when she tries to escape, she finds that the fate of the two has long been entangled in the relationship. She was awakened by the prediction of the future on the Sansheng Stone, and she had been emotional for so long, but she could not accept this future! The hearty and clear boy’s face was no longer energetic, and the ancient fish country was also in danger. Everything was developing in the direction predicted on the Sanshengshi. She desperately changed, and the real conspiracy behind it was revealed.


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