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Lethargic marriage [entertainment circle]

Lethargic marriage [entertainment circle]
Other names: 昏婚欲睡[娱乐圈](gl)
Author: Little Little Tortoise
Genre: novel
Release: 2019
Status: Ongoing


Lu Ruyun is a well-known enduring goddess in the circle, acting and box office spokesperson.
Qin Zhenzhen’s three-year-old popular little flower, the top of the traffic list, is a mobile topic wherever she is. The two collaborated on a drama that was supposed to be a win-win situation. Unexpectedly, the ratings were bleak and fell to the bottom. The fans of the two parties started to scream at each other and began to scream and fight to the end.

Weibo and Tianya Forum are disturbed by two fans every day.
Just when everyone thought that the two masters were incompatible with each other, Qin Zhenzhen posted a Weibo: Today’s weather is very good, suitable for doing some crazy things @陆如云.
Then Lu Ruyun replied: Let’s get married @秦蓁蓁.
Friends in the circle:?
Two fans:? ? All the netizens who watched the big show:? ? ?

Instructions for consumption:

  1. Same-sex marriageable background.
  2. The protagonist is not a rival.
  3. Marriage first, love later, love for a long time.


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