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1949 I Came from the Future

1949 I Came from the Future
Other names: 1949我来自未来
Author: magnificent absurd
Genre:  Crossing , romance
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


Positive energy Chinese dream novel strikes out! Healing the body and mind, inspiring life’s refreshing dedication! The protagonist travels freely between the two. Time and space trade spurs the leap-forward development of New China’s industry. Watching the vicissitudes of China take off in an all-round way, it’s time to catch up with the United States and England.

Running forward to face the cold eyes and laugh at the vastness of life, how can we feel fate without going through hardships, it can’t make us kneel and begging for mercy, even if the blood is full of arms, we continue to run, with the pride of our children, the sparkle of life, how can we see it and linger? It’s better to indulge and burn for the beauty in your heart, not compromise until you get old


Chapter 1 A blood sacrifice that travels through time and space
Chapter 2 The first pot of gold
Chapter 3 Xiaofu resigns
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