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1900 Overwhelming

1900 Overwhelming
Other names: 1900翻云覆雨
Author:  Fun State
Genre:  History
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


John Johnson, a 26-year-old planner, accidentally crossed the body of an 18-year-old evil young man in his previous life. This old China, which has been swayed by wind and rain, and this old mountains and rivers that are about to be shattered at sight, how can it be in various forces Find out the way to self-improvement in the gap. If history is the way of heaven, then look at how a planner can be rebellious, if history is fate, look at how Huchen Zhuang changed his fate against the sky! Reinvigorate the prestige of my Han family! Sheng Xuanhuai looks at Li Hongzhang who is dying Said: “Does the middle hall have anything else to explain?”

Li Hongzhang looked at him straightly and said, “Xingsun, do you think this Zhuang Huchen is another Zeng Wenzheng or the catastrophe who killed the door in the Qing Dynasty?” !” Shanghai Consul General Bo Zaotuo slammed the table: “Now the land in the concession has become Chinese? What kind of concession is that? What is the name of the Chinese who knows nothing?” “His name is Huchen Johnson!”


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