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11 Triangle land hard 1

11 Triangle land hard 1
Other names: 11三角地辛苦1
Author:  sensitive Pange
Genre:  Xian Xia
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


I think the roasted peppers are so small. Give me the courier number. Thank you, it’s okay. Baby.
The sensitive fat brother is an excellent novel author. His novels include: ” 11 Triangles of Hard Work 1 “, etc.

After catching it, I took a look at the skills, and then Datang sister suddenly screamed, and her scream scared everyone else.

When it was sent to the group, it turned out to be a Miaohua goddess with four skills, which was a bit funny. The four skills screamed a hammer, and she looked like she had never seen the world before.

“You really haven’t seen the world before. You can give a hammer to the Miaohua Tiandv who is capable of four. Although they don’t have the necessary skills.

But the highest he is a five-skill. It’s not bad to catch a five-skill directly. If you get a four-skill, what do you call it here, you really have never seen it in the world. “

“He’s right, you just haven’t seen the world.”

“Hmph, I have heard that when in the test area, this Miaohua Tianmai was difficult to wash. Some people used five cars of C66, and only 100 of them were able to wash out a three-skill Miaohua Tianmai.


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