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Love in the 1980s

Love in the 1980s
Other names: 1980年代的爱情
Author: wild man
Genre:  Urban Novel
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


This is a love story that happened in the late 1980s. After graduating from university, Xiaoguan, the protagonist of the story, was assigned to work in a Tujia cottage in Lichuan County, Western Hubei. He ran into his first middle school love, Liwen, and the two continued their entangled and sadistic love. In the end, it ended with Xiaoguan returning to the city. After many years, in a classmate gathering, the two met again. After the battle changed, the two people finally couldn’t restrain the undercurrents that had been hidden in their hearts for many years. And after Xiao Guan finally understands Liwen’s affection for him, he will no longer have any place to put the rest of his life…


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