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1988: I Want to Talk to the World

1988: I Want to Talk to the World
Other names: 1988:我想和这个世界谈谈
Author: Han
Genre: Other Novel
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


The novel was completed between 2009 and 2010. I started writing in the summer of 2009. The eventful summer ended in stagnation. By the beginning of 2010, the winter continued to begin and then stagnated. Until the summer of 2010, it was an eventful summer, but 1988 was completed. 1988 is the name of the protagonist’s station wagon. Originally, this book was called “1988”. The preamble was that I wanted to talk to the world.

Unexpectedly, Mr. Murakami from Japan published a book “1Q84” during the period. I said that I was emotionally stable, but I wanted to change the title of the book. After several twists and turns, I found no more suitable. It is like before the birth of the child, you have already thought of a name for her and called it for a year. Suddenly, the neighbor next door gave birth to a child with the same name as you earlier than you. After you think about it, you realize that you are already unable to do so in your heart. change. In the end, she was still called “1988 I Want to Talk to the World”.


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