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1/14 Season One: A Game That Must Be Fouled

1/14 Season One: A Game That Must Be Fouled
Other names: 1/14第一季:必须犯规的游戏
Author: Ning Hang a
Genre:  Other
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


14 suspense novel writers were strangely “invited” to a mysterious place, and strange, inexplicable, terrifying and terrifying incidents happened to them one after another. As suspense mystery writers, they couldn’t explain it either. The threat of death hung over them all the time. When the number of people dwindled, people finally discovered an amazing “rule” and secret… “Game of Death” has begun. Who is the “host” hiding beside them? What is his purpose?

After 14 days, can the remaining people go out alive? Even more bizarre events, unstoppable games! Remember, from the first page of “A Game That Must Foul” (by Ning Hangyi), you are a participant of the game! “Foul Game” tells you-the nightmare has begun.


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