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1/14 Season Five: Fourteen Days of Fright

1/14 Season Five: Fourteen Days of Fright
Other names: 1/14第五季:惊魂十四日
Author: Ning Hang a
Genre:  Other
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


The death game has finally come to an end, and the stories of the last few days are more exciting than one. A woman who robbed in a supermarket was caught by a clerk. The male boss sympathized with her and left her to work in the shop, only to find that the woman was full of mysteries-she was living in seclusion in the forest, and she had a daughter who had a strange disease and shamelessly… the male boss tried to approach the woman and finally found her The horrible secret that has always been hidden…

A senior gourmet, in a new private restaurant in the ancient town, ate a mysterious delicacy that he had eaten decades ago. In order to explore the secrets of this kind of food, gourmets launched an investigation into private kitchens. In the process, a terrifying event that he hadn’t expected happened… everything will be revealed on the night of the 14th day, and the identity of the mysterious organizer finally surfaced. The final ending will shock everyone!


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