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1 King, 9 Handsome, 12 Palaces

“1 King, 9 Handsome, 12 Palaces”
Other names: 1王9帅12宫
Author: Guo Ni
Genre: Romance
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


A car accident that fell from the sky made Le Xiaolian, a cheerful girl who had lived in an orphanage since childhood, and Shen Xuechi, a genius girl from a wealthy background. These two girls who had no intersection at the same time lost the opportunity to study in the United States and entered the prestigious star. League-a joint education base composed of four high schools.

Le Xiaolian, who vowed to become the top student of the Star Alliance, and regained his qualifications to study abroad, regarded Jiang Shuoliu, the outstanding student of the Star Alliance, as his goal and enemy, and vowed to defeat him, but he has been subjected to Jiang Shuo. Xiao Yanfeng’s provocation under Liu. So she had a deeper grudge with the enemy she had never met before. At the same time, she accidentally met a mysterious and funny boy when Xun and the gentle senior Han Qiuye, she almost fell in love with the perfect senior at first sight


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