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1 king 9 handsome 12 palace (4)

1 king 9 handsome 12 palace (4) (end)
Other names: 1王9帅12宫4(完结)
Author: Guo Ni
Genre: Romance
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


We are all small birds locked in cages by fate. One day we squeezed out from the omission of the fence, so we flapped our wings, scrambled, and went straight to the sky. The bird is in a hurry, for fear of staying in the winter, missing the warm spring season in the distance, the bird is running away, for fear of being caught in a cage by the desperate fate, and can no longer fly in the sky; the bird is racing, For fear that the most beloved branch will be taken by other birds. The heart is wings.

The future is heaven. Youth is such a chase. Le Xiaolian, who is walking in the fog of conspiracy and obstacles, bravely pursues her Harvard dream, and Jiang Shuoliu, who is walking through the thorns of the family, stumblingly chases freedom and love, and moves forward in the quagmire of complex life experience. At this time, Xun also pursued the enemy of hatred step by step. However, Jin Yueye and Li Zheyu, from the sea of ​​memory to the star tower, have not stopped chasing Su Youhui. Sometimes the bird has not noticed it, and has changed its course in the pursuit of fate.

Sometimes the bird is surpassed and flutters its wings faster in unwillingness. Finally the bird reaches the end and is eager to try and yearn for a new country. Ideals, freedom, hope, love… The sky that I yearn for is so high, there is no end. The fate behind him was never too slow to catch up. At this time the bird found that if it wants to continue to soar, the chase will never stop. Keep soaring, in this endless sky, as long as the heart is beating and the pursuit does not stop, youth will not stop.


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