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1 king, 9 handsome, 12 palace (3)

1 king, 9 handsome, 12 palace (3)
Other names: 1王9帅12宫③
Author: Guo Ni
Genre: Romance
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


After Feiyue Square, the mysterious soldier was found to be Jiang Shuoliu. Le Xiaolian, who didn’t know how to choose, was caught between Han Qiuye and Jiang Shuoliu’s slowly extending hands. Shen Xuechi also pushed Le Xiaolian into the triangle of choice. How should she choose? This wonderful drama will become more exciting, and the secret will be revealed in the third part of “1 King, 9 Handsome, and 12 Palaces”. A supreme and mysterious king, nine shining marshals, the third part of “1 King, 9 Handsome, 12 Palaces” not only continues Guo Ni’s past brisk and vigorous style, but also incorporates a variety of innovative elements.

Fate, hope, destruction, and hatred are intertwined with life values ​​that run counter to each other, pure emotions and romantic stories, the plot is ups and downs, the suspense is cleverly laid, there is a touch of romance in the twists and turns, there is more happiness in the warmth and the vitality of the girl in the book. Xiaolian’s strong personality that is not willing to admit defeat in the face of difficulties is believed to bring joy and positive reading pleasure to young readers, and encourage young readers to chase their dreams bravely, so that they can learn to be strong and struggling in the face of difficulties.


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