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1 King, 9 Handsome, 12 Palace (2)

1 King, 9 Handsome, 12 Palace ②
Other names: 1王9帅12宫②
Author: Guo Ni
Genre: Romance
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


With her outstanding performance at the Autumn Campus Cultural Festival, the courageous girl Le Xiaolian finally squeezed into the gold list of the Star League, and is one step closer to her goal of becoming the “first in the Star League”! On a romantic outing, Le Xiaolian plucked up the courage to confess to Han Qiuye’s senior, but ended in failure without saying a word! Under Shi Xun’s comfort, Le Xiaolian recorded her love for Han Qiuye, but fell into the tragic trap of “Alu”. Does Xun Xun have moments of sorrow when he is careless? Just when Le Xiaolian had a good impression of Shi Xun, her confession audio appeared on the Star Alliance BBS! Suddenly, she became the number one public enemy on campus and was deprived of the qualification to attack the tower…


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