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214 Degrees of the Dragon Prince

214 Degrees of the Dragon Prince
Other names: 214度恶龙王子 #1-#3
Author: Xiao Nizi, Mimi La
Genre: romance
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


On the romantic Valentine’s Day night with snowflakes flying, Cinderella was waiting for the prince to return, but when the 12 o’clock sounded, it was not the prince’s face that emerged in the magic that had no appearance, no figure, no IQ, and no family background. Xiao Yang is completely speechless about her Valentine’s Day encounter, where is the first love Prince Sheng Tianyuan? Who is Jin Yangxu, the guy who wore a Garfield mask and broke into a private house? Actually, I fell in love with her at first sight when I first met, and then I confessed deeply, and continued to attack. Who, who, who is the 214-degree evil dragon prince with skill and personality? The first love angel Shengtianyuan? The cute elf Jin Yang Xu? Masked Devil Cheng Zitai? What kind of mystery is hidden in romantic love?

Who is the angel girl Shirley who is as pure as a lily? Who is Tai Ying who has the same face as Zi Tai but different hair colors, looks and voices? In the choice between emotion and reason, what choice will Xiao Yang make? The first love angel Shengtianyuan? The cute elf Jin Yang Xu? Masked Devil Cheng Zitai? The mystery of life experience, the mystery of assassination, and the emotional entanglement,


Chapter 1 Romance 214 Degrees
Chapter 2 214
Chapter 3 Women Disguised as Men
Chapter 4 Self-defeating
Chapter 5 Cloud Breaks Through the Sky
Chapter 6 The Dragon’s Dream
Chapter 7 Misplaced Love
Chapter 8 The Return of the Prince
214 The Dragon Prince 1
Chapter 1 214 Liren’s Day
Chapter 2 The Magic of Happiness
Chapter 3 Finding Xiaoyuan
Chapter 4 Suspicious Fog
Chapter 5 The Death of Memory
Chapter 6 Full of Loopholes
Chapter 7 The Last 214
Chapter 8 I’m leaving
214 The Dragon Prince 2
Chapter 1 Assassination Continues
Chapter 2 Return to Calm
Chapter 3 Life Experience Decryption
Chapter 4 The Edge of Dreams
Chapter 5 Half-Dream and Half-Awake
Chapter 6 Kiss Happiness
Chapter 7 Murderer Suspicion
Chapter 8 The Ultimate Truth
214 The Dragon Prince 3
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