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99° remarriage: the sweet pet of the male god boss

99° remarriage: the sweet pet of the male god boss
Other names: 99°再婚:男神boss甜甜宠
Author: wood headache
Genre: romance
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


He is the most powerful young Qi Shao in N City. He is rich and incomparable, handsome and cool. He hates the close contact of anyone–especially women. However, this delicious little woman in front of him, There is an exception. “Master, Madam Young hugged another man.” “Huh? I dragged that man out to beat the disabled.” “Master, Madam Young’s ex-boyfriend came to trouble her and told her to try the medicine…” The deep eyes of the person turned into an unusual smile, his smile was cold and bloody. “Then…Chop the scumbag into mashed meat and make pills to feed the dog…? New book: “Boss favors very deeply: baby, the protest is invalid” has been Open.?


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