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99 degrees of sweetness: the playful wife picks it home

99 degrees of sweetness: the playful wife picks it home
Other names: 99度甜:贪玩小妻捡回家
Author: albino Luo
Genre: romance
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


“Emperor Zhan, don’t you marry me. Tomorrow, all major dating platforms on Weibo will madly repost the video of Taoyan on how the young Zhan family was broken into a virgin! You will be famous! Leave me alone , Working for the welfare of hundreds of millions of girls! I am really a philanthropist! “Very good! He Mu, you are dead!” *When choosing whether to go to jail or surrender, He Mu gritted his teeth and chose the latter. An overnight accident Afterwards, his appetite was very appetizing, and she was forced to become his personal assistant, and she would follow along. “Sao Zhan, marry me?” It was obviously her proposal, why after he nodded, she turned to In the arms of others. In his anger, he killed the wedding scene, like Satan possessed, “Who dares to marry her, I will slaughter him all the way!”


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