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9.9 Billion Boneless Love: Rebirth Daughter-in-law and Cute Wife

9.9 Billion Boneless Love: Rebirth Daughter-in-law and Cute Wife
Other names: 99亿蚀骨爱:重生千金萌妻
Author: clean dust son
Genre: romance
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


Gu Qingchen opened his eyes again and was reborn at the age of sixteen. He has the ability to read the mind. Once again, he smiled contemptuously when facing those who killed her family members and persecuted her. In this life, let’s see how she leads a wonderful life! The mysterious President Rongda, who has a weak body but a dark and wise belly, can plan tactics without moving, finds her trouble for Mao Zhuan? When did the battle between the strong and the strong become a combination of the strong? “President Rongda, so calculating the Rong family, really Okay?” “Dare Xiao miss my wife, so don’t be afraid of my calculations.” “Don’t forget, you are also a Rong family.”


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