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Ace School Grass Unlimited Love

Ace School Grass Unlimited Love
Other names: 王牌校草无限爱
Author: Ruo Ruo
Genre: Romance, Crossing
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


“Now the whole world knows that you are my woman, I see who would dare to ask you!” He kissed her lips and declared evilly. He is the most hygienic majesty in the academy, as long as a girl touches him Either fractured or died, or under the spotlight he forced her to kiss her. When she was bullied, he was held in his arms and swears to the whole world, “From now on, I won’t let you cry! Who dares! Let you try to cry! “Yan Luoer never knew that he would be so rascal who was ruthless and murderous from the outside world! “Yan Luoer, let’s get married!” She turned and refused, “No! I despise you!” Leng Heng immediately hugged her, “Escaped three times, do you think I will let you go this time?!”


Chapter 1 Baby… I’m going to order you!
Chapter 2 Living with the three major schools
Chapter 3 Pants zipper!
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