Ah Yin visits Jason’s Market Trails (2018)

Astro AEC’s new planned food program in 2018, Axian visiting the market, will record the old taste of the market in all parts of Malaysia, so as to feel the good food of the working people in the first day. Lau Pa Sat is the heart and lung of community life. It always gathers many old and simple snacks, some even without a name or a brand. The patrons are mostly market vendors and regular customers in the community, and the business has been done for decades. Just such a glorious time, it is worth remembering again and again. Follow in the footsteps of Ah Xian to stroll around the market, and pursue the new and new vitality in the old taste. Take a trip to the nearest market every day, and you can refresh your mood through “light travel” without having to travel far.

Ah Yin visits Jason’s Market Trails (2018)
Also known as:阿贤逛巴剎, ทอดน่องท่องตลาด
Genre(s): Show, Documentary
Country: Singapore, Malyasia
Episode(s): 13
Release: 2019
Starring: Jason Yeoh

Categories: Variety Show

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