The Wandering Earth (2019)

Mankind predicts that in the near future, the core of the sun will age rapidly and will expand and swallow the entire solar system , and the earth will face destruction. In order to survive, the human society launched the “Wandering Earth” project, manufacturing 10,000 “planetary engines” and 2,000 “turning engines”, trying to take the earth to escape from the solar system to a new home. Mankind built and launched the “Navigator” International Space Station to provide early warning, navigation, and communication services for the earth.

In 2075, in order to use the gravitational slingshot effect , the earth sailed near Jupiter. Astronaut Liu Peiqiang’s son Liu Qi brought his sister Han Duoduo from the underground city of Beijing to the surface. He used his grandfather Han Ziang’s card to drive the vehicle and was found and detained at the Jining Police Station. Han Ziang rushed to bribe the guards and was detained together.

At this time, Jupiter’s gravity suddenly increased, the earth’s crust changed, more than five thousand planetary engines stopped, the earth lost enough thrust and gradually fell into Jupiter, and it will disintegrate due to the Roche limit of Jupiter’s rigid body . The coalition government urgently mobilized Liu Qi, Han Duoduo, Han Ziang, and prison friend Tim to escape from the collapsed police station. The vehicle they were riding in was requisitioned by the CN171-11 rescue team (captain Wang Lei) to rescue Hangzhou No. 1 Planetary engine. The transport vehicle was destroyed while passing through Shanghai .

Later, Han Ziang lost heat while transporting the flint and died, and several rescue team members died. After that, Liu Qi, Han Duoduo, and Tim left Wang Lei’s team, found another rescue team’s carrier, and decided to carry out the rescue team’s scheduled task of rescuing the Sulawesi No. 3 steering engine and head to Sulawesi. Wang Lei’s team learned that the Hangzhou No. 1 planetary engine was damaged and the underground city of the Hangzhou No. 4 planetary engine was destroyed by magma, and joined Liu Qi and others. When they were about to arrive in Sulawesi, they learned that the Sulawesi No. 3 steering engine had been restarted by other rescue teams.

The “Navigator” International Space Station artificial intelligence (named “MOSS”) was subsequently broadcast globally in the name of the coalition government: Most of the engines have been repaired, but not enough to push the earth away from Jupiter, and the earth will disintegrate in seven days. After the broadcast, Liu Qi thought that he could ignite the Jupiter’s atmosphere mixed with Jupiter’s original hydrogen and oxygen drawn from the earth, so as to create enough shock waves to push the earth away.

When Liu Peiqiang on the Navigator International Space Station was about to enter dormancy, he lost contact with Liu Qi. Liu Peiqiang forcibly opened the dormant capsule and found that the space station was moving away from Jupiter. Liu Peiqiang persuaded the Russian astronaut Makarov who was awakened by MOSS to stop him. They went through the space station to the main control room of the space station through a space walk.

The helmet was crushed to death by MOSS. Liu Peiqiang learned in the main control room that when Jupiter’s gravitational surge occurred, MOSS calculated that the “Wandering Earth Project” had failed 0.42 seconds after the launch of the emergency plan No. 3, and launched the “Fire Project” that carried the record of human civilization to escape. On the ground, Liu Qi and others decided to modify the engine program and use the Sulawesi 3 steering engine to ignite Jupiter’s atmosphere. Liu Peiqiang persuaded the coalition government to open a global broadcast call for support for Wang Lei’s team and shared a plan to ignite Jupiter.

The Sulawesi 3 engine, the Singapore 1 engine and the Jakarta 4 engine, the three planetary engines implemented the Jupiter ignition plan, but their jets are still 5,000 kilometers away from Jupiter’s atmosphere and cannot be ignited. Liu Peiqiang applied to the coalition government to sacrifice the space station, and MOSS immediately blocked the space station communication.

Liu Peiqiang shut down the fire fighting system and burned the core node of MOSS with the vodka given to him by Makarov to invalidate it to gain control of the space station and release the dormant compartment of the space station. With the consent of the coalition government, Liu Peiqiang manually drove the space station into the jet stream . The explosion of the space station ignited Jupiter’s atmosphere and the earth was pushed away from Jupiter.

Three years later, Liu Qi grew up to be a driver of a truck. On his way to the surface, there was a crowd of protesters “Give me the sunshine”…

The Wandering Earth (2019)
Also known as: 流浪地球, Liu Lang Di Qiu, ปฏิบัติการฝ่าสุริยะ
Genre(s): Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Adventure
Director: Frant Gwo
Country: China
Release: 5 February 2019
Starring:  Shaw Qu, Li Guangjie, Ng Man-Tat, Angel Zhao, Jacky Wu Jing, Lei Jiayin, Mike Sui, Qu Jingjing, Zhang Yichi, Yang Haoyu, Arkady Sharogradsky, Li Hongchen, Yang Yi

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