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Chapter 2 The First Time – Misfortune

She saw Fang Xuanling lowered her head slightly, sighed softly, and walked slowly to see the Lord.

———————In the Imperial Study Room———————

At this time, there is Du Ruhui in the hall, and he politely said: “Master Fang has worked hard.”

“Where, the talent of Du Da is tired, I heard that Prince Qi Wang Liang The princes of the government have already fallen, so you can feel at ease.”

Du Ruhui: “This is naturally not sloppy. It’s about the ancestral temple and shrine, if you don’t cut the grass and roots, the future will be endless.” Fang Xuanling bowed and said: “There is Mr. Du who dares to make decisions, what She is not stable.”

Master Fang is overwhelmed.” After Fang Xuanling and Du Ruhui exchanged greetings, Fang Xuanling suddenly said with a serious face: “Your Majesty Qi, you only see General Dao Weichi. It is said that Princess Yongning Company was in the process of hunting The man and his horse fell into the mountain stream, the water was swift, and there were no bones left. The general failed to salvage the bones downstream, and he is waiting outside the hall.”

Du Ruhui was puzzled: “How can General Yuchi, who is both wise and brave, make inferior mistakes?!”

Fang Xuanling It was also really helpless: “The general knew it was difficult to return to his life, so he asked the old minister to clear one or two. It was just to run away in a hurry. This variable is also reasonable.”

Du Ruhui narrowed his eyes and said unkindly: “Master Fang said that this is very bad. but not for the time being not conclusive corpse. how could such a major event sloppy! ‘ “Watson

generals do the authors make a lifetime to salvage dead bodies!”

At this time, the emperor was going to hastily, ordered the burial of Princess Dress Princess buried with her mother, He did not continue to hold Yu Chi and Fang Xuanling responsible.

As soon as Fang Xuanling heard this, her Majesty Cheng took a quiet look, and saw that her Majesty didn’t change her appearance, and she seemed to have no idea of getting to the bottom. She sighed, and then stepped back to handle the matter.


“Ah ah, Hu Shengsheng’s little maidservant is going to kill someone! You wait! I’m going to tell my father now!” Ah! Go and sue! Hmph, I see you fight once!” Xiao Changge said with a look of air.

The maidservant on the side was at a loss, and said in a panic: “Princess…Princess is your brother… Calm down… Don’t fight…” Of course, this can’t help the naughty little long song.

Suddenly there was a voice from behind: “Princess Yongning.” Then the

princess turned to see her master Wei Zheng, with an excited expression on her face and said, “Today, General Yuchi taught me a new master!” , then pull up the demonstration Wei Zheng hand, Wei Zheng quickly said:. “Wie is not martial arts, but also hope the princess mercy”

. “tut tut, martial arts will not be bullied friends”

“Well, Princess martial arts is In order not to be bullied”

“Of course, I will not bully others.” Wei Zheng shook his head and said earnestly: “This is very difficult. Self-protection and bullying are separated by a single line. How difficult is it to distinguish between self-protection and bullying.” …………

——————— Suddenly, the dream wakes up———————It’s coming again… This is the first time I dreamed three or four times… This is… the inn… Oh, I almost forgot , Princess Yongning of the Prince’s Mansion, a noble prince from the dignified king of a country, is now just a fugitive incarnation of a small merchant.

———————Fang Xuanling and Yuchi left behind today, but they don’t know what will happen in the future. ——The disaster is starting today.

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