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Chapter 1 The First Time – Misfortune

wedge -in the early Tang Dynasty, Li Shimin seized power and killed his brothers and feet ——

The only way for Wei in his life is to make the people valuable, followed by the society. King is light.

Long song: “Then, Wei Zheng, do you want to listen to my’dao ‘?

I, Li’s long song.

From now on, I will kill the thief Li Shimin as the way.

This is the only one, until I die!”

Unconsciously, in his hands The tightly held hairpin has long been broken, and the initial shape is not seen, and what follows is dripping with hateful blood.

The demon star is in the sky, and the crape myrtle is angry, Li Tang will be a disaster for women!

The story is about to begin… The first time of Changgehang’s misfortune starts from

Guanshan Wanli Road, and draws the sword to start the long song.

Gunsmoke was everywhere, and there was only the sound of running horses hoofs in my ears.

“Drive!” “Drive!” “Princess! The horses are weak, I’m afraid I won’t get ten arrows…!”

“Tsk”, Princess Yongning suddenly stretched out her hand from the carriage behind the horse, and quickly took away the useless and timid coachman. Pulling down the horse, stepped forward to control the horse panicked by the arrow. In order to reduce the load of the horse, the rope connecting the carriage behind him was cut. Seeing the chasers getting closer and closer behind him, there was another bottomless cliff in front of him. Long Ge had no way to go back, so he had to drew his dagger and plunged heavily towards the exhausted horse.

“Hum!” The horse flew up, and when it reached the highest point, Chang Ge stood on the horse’s back, kicked hard, and landed steadily on the opposite side of the cliff. The chasing soldiers who caught up later picked up bows and arrows, and opened their bows, but they were stopped by General Yuchi,

“Finally, they are all good apprentices taught by the old guys!…Eh stop …no more…”

— ———————— Tang Capital·Chang’an————————

In the whole world, could it be Wang Tu. Is it possible that Wang Chen is the shore of the soil.

Chang’an, the most magnificent and prosperous capital, still looks calm and busy in a world that can’t be seen. Merchants and envoys from various countries come and go, and precious commodities and precious treasures gather here. Even if such a major bloodshed had just occurred, it was just a common royal regime change. On the fourth day of June of the ninth year of Wude of Tang Gaozu, Li Shimin, the second son of King Qin and Tang Gaozu Li Yuan, had a bloody coup near the Xuanwu Gate of Chang’an City, the capital of the Tang Empire, killing his eldest brother, Crown Prince Li Jiancheng and his fourth brother Qi Li Yuanji will be established as the new crown prince and will inherit the throne. The crown prince and the relatives of the king of Qi were all killed and none was spared.

Soon, Yuchi Jingde gave up chasing Princess Yongning, led his troops back to Chang’an, and returned to Master Fang Xuanling.

Yuchi shook his head helplessly, “You will be incompetent! I can’t find Princess Yongning!”

“Hey, it just happens that I have something to see the Lord, so I should report it to you. Yongning is dead, and I can’t kill my body because of falling into the mountain stream. It’s helpless. Your Royal Highness shouldn’t punish you. The general can relax…”

“! This, Fang… Master Fang?!! How does this make it! Don’t do it, Master Fang!”

“Fang once sighed , I only sigh that Yongning is not a man and cannot rule the country and the world. Now I want to come… eh… Fortunately not.”

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