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Chapter 2308 Fanwai: Fu Xiaoer, I’ll call your father

Gu Weiwei and Fu Hanzheng had a wedding in Switzerland, and they stayed there with the elders of the Fu family on vacation.

Fu Shiqin and Fu Shiyi, two loveless single dogs, returned to China overnight because they wanted to recover the ex-girlfriend who had tricked them.

As soon as Fu Shiqin got off the plane at the Imperial Capital Airport, he immediately prepared to transfer to the film and television city to meet Ling Jiao.

Fu Shiyi stepped in and looked at the person who was about to transfer, “Hey, dare to love these days we have said so much for nothing. You have to see her when you come back. Now people don’t want to see your face at all. It’s an egg use.”

“Take care of your own business.” Fu Shiqin gave him a squint. He and Ding Dongdong’s affairs have not been resolved, and he is still in the mood to care about his relationship problems.

“I told you, I can’t get any good feelings when I go to her at this time.” Fu Shiyi persuaded with all his heart.

Fu Shiqin replied with a smirk, “You are so experienced, and speaking of one thing, why did Ding Dongdong dump you?”

“You…” Fu Shiyi grinned his teeth and pointed at him. Fu Xiaoer, I wouldn’t bother to care about you if it weren’t for the sake of a brother’s game. I wouldn’t take you so to hurt people.”

“I’m just stating the facts.” Fu Shiqin said innocently.

He Chi stood on the sidelines completely watching the play, waited for them to pinch almost, before speaking.

“Fu Xiaoer, you should go back to the company and work honestly. Ling Jiao will wait for your brother to come back and talk about it when you have time.”

“Why? He falls in love and gets married, so he will go after work. Why should I chase after him? Is a girlfriend going to finish work before taking time?” Fu Shiqin was dissatisfied, and said firmly, “It’s useless to say anything today, I’m going to find her today.”

“Believe it or not, I’ll call our brother now . “Fu Shiyi threatened.

“Fight, afraid of you?” Fu Shiyi snorted coldly, the broken-hearted single dog fearlessly.

He Chi pulled the two who were about to pinch, “You said you are true too, why bother with single dogs, so why bother with single dogs? Everyone is broken in love, why bother to hurt each other like this.”

Fu Shiqin and Fu Shiyi were filled with each other. Looking at He Chi hostilely, “What did you say?”

He Chi raised his hand to surrender, and said with a dry smile.

“Well, I remembered that there was a consultation in the hospital today. I’ll go back first, and you can figure it out by yourself.”

Now that he mentioned the two single dogs, he was in a hurry. He didn’t want to mix up anymore.

Fu Shiyi watched He Chi go, then looked at Fu Shiqin and said.

“What can you do even if you are past today? If you dare to reconcile with him today, I will have your last name?” “When will you not have my last name?” Fu Shiqin asked.

Fu Shiyi continued to curse and swear, “You will be able to get back with her after today. I will call

your father.” “You swear, what do you make my dad think? Have you considered our dad’s feelings?”

“I Call Grandpa!” Fu Shiyi changed one.

“Then have you considered our grandma’s feelings?” Fu Shiqin asked again.

“Hey, I’ll go, Fu Xiaoer, you’re endless, right?” Fu Shiyi gritted his teeth and said, “Is it the point to call my father to call my grandfather? Humiliation, do you understand?”

“I didn’t want to go there and she got back together this time, I just want to see her.” Fu Shiqin lowered his eyes to cover the sadness that passed by, and said in a low voice, “Even if I don’t see each other.” , Just look at her.”

These few days have been too difficult for him.

He needs to take a look at her now before he can be resurrected and go back to work.

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