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Chapter 2307 the finale of the main text

The original lively castle gradually became quieter because of the successive departure of guests.

Gu Weiwei and Fu Hanzheng sent away Yuanmeng and Jicheng and they were about to return to the castle to rest. They saw Fu Shiqin and Fu Shiyi, and He Chi dragged a suitcase out.

“You go back now?”

“If you don’t go back, my girlfriend will be robbed.” Fu Shiyi said.

“It’s an ex-girlfriend.” Fu Shiqin reminded him.

“You are also an ex-girlfriend, no one is worse than anyone else.” Fu Shiyi said angrily.

He Chi silently looked at the two brothers who were in love and killed each other, “You are both miserable, why bother to hurt each other like this?” In

this case, Fu Shiqin and Fu Shiyi’s hostility was successfully exchanged.

“Don’t you just fall in love, what’s the point?”

“Who hasn’t talked about it before.”

Gu Weiwei and Fu Hanzheng silently watched the three of them carry their luggage into the car, and they bothered each other.

Fu Shiyi closed the trunk and waved at the two of them.

“We are gone.”

Fu Shiqin got into the car and rolled down the window.

“Others get married and spend their honeymoon. You dragged the family together, meaning to go back in two days. There are still a lot of things to do with the company.”

His brother doesn’t go back. He doesn’t have the time and thought to chase Ling Jiao.

Anyway, they are all married and old, so they can spend their honeymoon with their children and several elders in the family.

“Can you still leave?” Fu Hanzheng asked coldly.

Fu Shiqin shrank his neck, closed the window, and urged Fu Shiyi to drive away.

Anyway, they will meet again at home when they return to the country, so there is no need to say goodbye or something so grand.

The two watched Fu Shiqin’s car disappear at the end of the road, and then went back holding hands.

Gu Weiwei looked at the setting sun at Lake Geneva and said to Fu Hanzheng.

“Let’s go out for a walk.

I haven’t been around for a few days.” “You wait here, I’ll get something.” Fu Hanzheng asked, and he went back to the castle after speaking.

Gu Weiwei stayed and ran to play with the two children on the grass.

After a while, Fu Hanzheng changed into casual clothes and brought her a windbreaker and flat shoes.

“Change your shoes.” He said, helping her put on a windbreaker jacket, squatting down and taking off the high heels from her feet, putting her on comfortable flat shoes.

Then, he gave the shoes to the servant who followed.

“Return to the room for your wife.”

Gu Weiwei said with a smile while holding Youyou.

“Take Youyou and Tian Tian, I didn’t accompany them well today.”

Fu Hanzheng nodded, holding her in one hand and the little daughter in the other.

Gu Weiwei held him with one hand and her well-behaved son with the other.

A family of four walked along the road by the lake, the afterglow of the setting sun shining on them, beautiful and warm.

Gu Weiwei turned her head to look at the handsome profile of the man beside her, and said with a smile.

“I have always had a lot of things to say to you today.”

“What are you talking about?” Fu Hanzheng smiled and turned his head.

“I wanted to say a lot of things I wanted to say, but I want to think about it.” Gu Weiwei’s eyes were filled with a gentle smile, and she said softly, “There is only one thing I want to say, I love you.”

Fu Hanzheng chuckled, “Really. Coincidentally, I want to say this too.”

When Tian Tian heard the two talking, she smiled and raised her head and said milkily. “Love mother…” As

soon as she said, Youyou also pulled Gu Weiwei’s hand, and the cute little breasts were still a little illegible.

“Youyou, love mom…”

“What about father?” Gu Weiwei asked with a smile.

“Love Dad.” The two little buns said together.

Gu Weiwei happily kissed the two children on the foreheads. As soon as she got up, Fu Hanzheng also lowered her head and kissed her forehead gently.

“I love you, Weiwei.”

Gu Weiwei stared at the gentle eyebrows of the man. She never thought that after falling into the hell of death, she would meet the love of her life.

“Isn’t going to come out to see the scenery, just to see what I do?” Fu Hanzheng asked with a smile, staring at his dazed wife.

“The scenery is not as good as you.” Gu Weiwei said with a smile.

In this world, thousands of landscapes are not as good-looking as him, and the time passing by is not as good as his love.

And she was so lucky to have him.

…End of the text…

Knock on these three words, and suddenly I feel like a broken relationship.

However, it is time to say goodbye to Mr. Fu and Wei Wei.

Unconsciously, I have been with them for a year, and 2018 has been the hardest and luckiest year for me so far.

At this time before last year, my father started to feel unwell. He was diagnosed with cancer after the Chinese New Year. From the diagnosis to surgery, to chemotherapy again and again, it was the first time for me to bear such a great financial and psychological pressure. Can’t hold it anymore.

This year, I discovered that my father and mother were old, and I was going to be their support.

This year, I wrote this story in the car at home in the hotel and the hospital bed. Although real life is very difficult, the story I wrote has given me a lot of warmth and strength, and this story has been liked by you. And encouragement, I am deeply moved and grateful.

In general, this is a cherished story.

Gu Siting didn’t know how to cherish, so he missed it, even if he tried everything to make it back, he still missed it.

Fu Hanzheng knows how to cherish, so he has his love.

Weiwei learned to cherish from Fu Hanzheng, so she has happiness.

So after reading this story, please learn to cherish it.

We are all ordinary people, and there is no chance to do it again. Some people may miss something for a while, but miss it forever.

Later, I will write about Fu Shiqin and Fu Shiyi’s extravagance, as well as the married life of the Weiwei family of four.

In fact, there are many parts of this book that I didn’t write well enough. I hope I can write better in the next one.

In the first month, the editor went to work and opened a new article, still the sweet pet healing route.

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