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Chapter 6 Blushing caught off guard

Qiao Xiaoqi couldn’t laugh or cry: “Excessive? Ha ha, are you deaf?”

Lin Di’s expression changed, coupled with Li Jiyun’s unrelenting utterance. He has always had the best face, not to mention that he must maintain a tall and tall image in front of his new girlfriend!

“Qiao Xiaoqi, you apologize to Ji Yun.”

“You have something wrong? Why should I apologize to her?” Qiao Xiaoqi’s face was also completely pulled down, and she couldn’t help being angry. At first, she was in a good mood. Looking at the scumbag couple, she wanted to bear it. It’s better now, I don’t commit people, people come to me… If her Qiao Xiaoqi bears it, she will be a sledgehammer!

“You, you are simply unreasonable!” Lin Di’s face as a man was rejected, and an angry expression appeared on his face: “Qiao Xiaoqi, the reason why I broke up with you is because I can’t stand your fierce appearance. A woman is clearly a shrew!”

Qiao Xiaoqi’s heart pierced for a while, so she was ruthlessly accused by her ex-boyfriend. How could she bear it?

“Then I really want to thank you.” Qiao Xiaoqi raised her chin and snorted coldly: “You don’t want to give it to me if you are a scumbag. Lin Di, you don’t want to look for a mirror to look like yourself, you still Do you really think you are a male god?”

“Qiao Xiaoqi, you are not allowed to say this to Lin Di!” Li Jiyun said with a grieved expression.

Look at her big tearful eyes, what a pitiful little green tea. Passers-by who didn’t know the situation thought that Qiao Xiaoqi did something heinous.

“Ji Yun, don’t be familiar with this kind of shrew.” Lin Di hurriedly hugged Li Jiyun, softly comforting. That cautious appearance, for fear that she would be broken.

With such a gentle attitude, Qiao Xiaoqi had never seen Lin Di reveal to herself.

There was a sorrow in her heart, and she felt that she had been blind before.

“Lin Di, I just can’t listen to her talking about you like that.” Li Jiyun whispered: “Anyway, you are the best in my heart.”

This sentence really satisfied Lin Di’s self-esteem. A triumphant expression rose on his face, and his gaze at Li Jiyun became more concerned.

“It’s disgusting.” Qiao Xiaoqi smacked her tongue, shaking her head, and planning to leave.

If you look at this kind of boring scene again, you probably won’t be able to eat dinner anymore.

“Qiao Xiaoqi, stop!” Li Jiyun shouted.



“…” Qiao Xiaoqi really wanted to throw these two goods into a mental hospital for identification. Which part of their brains is out?


“Don’t even want to leave if you don’t apologize.” Li Jiyun said, and walked to Qiao Xiaoqi, blocking her in front of her. The eyes with crystal clear teardrops flashed with pride.

Unlucky! Unlucky!

Qiao Xiaoqi cursed twice in her heart. Today, she was really hit by an evil spirit and was slapped.

But to ask her to apologize to these two people, it is better to let her die.

“Get out of—” Qiao Xiaoqi strode forward and gently pushed Li Jiyun aside.

But the next scene, saying that it was the god of the drama department, was not an exaggeration.

I saw Li Jiyun exclaimed, and then fell to the ground.

Qiao Xiaoqi stood there, stunned-Excuse me? Is this a touch porcelain?

“Ji Yun, are you okay.” Lin Di stepped up worriedly and helped Li Jiyun up.

Li Jiyun shook his head weakly, and glanced at Qiao Xiaoqi sadly: “She just pushed me a while ago, I didn’t stand firm…”

“Qiao Xiaoqi! You are too much!” Lin Di was also angry, let go of Li Jiyun’s hand, stepped forward and shone on Qiao Xiaoqi’s shoulder, and then pushed back hard.

Before Qiao Xiaoqi could react, she was pushed backwards by Lin Di’s force.

Thinking that she would fall to the ground severely, Qiao Xiaoqi closed her eyes and got ready.

But unlike what was expected, a pair of generous hands firmly supported Qiao Xiaoqi’s waist.

She crashed into a warm embrace, and a pleasant fragrance came from the tip of her nose.

“Are you OK?”


This voice!

Qiao Xiaoqi raised her head and saw those pure black eyes with concern, her heart seemed to be scalded.

She immediately left Gu Mingzhi’s arms, a panic flashed across her face.

On the same day, Murphy’s Law was confirmed twice! Qiao Xiaoqi held her frightened little heart, silently drawing circles in her heart.

“Who are you? Nosy.” Lin Mi yelled at Gu Mingzhi out of anger.

On the side, Li Jiyun greedily stared at Gu Mingzhi in front of him, with a slightly unclear look in those coquettish eyes.

“In my life, I despise most men who do things to women.” Gu Mingzhi frowned his good-looking brows. Today, he wore a simple white shirt and black suit pants, like a boy walking out of a cartoon.

“Hey, you are so arrogant.” Lin Di hummed, “Playing as a hero to save the United States?”

Gu Mingzhi’s gaze stopped for a moment on Qiao Xiaoqi’s face, and said lightly:

“No way?”

“What drag? Damn it!” Lin Yi saw Gu Mingzhi’s indifferent appearance, and saw that Li Jiyun’s eyes were always on Gu Mingzhi, and his heart was even more unhappy. In order to behave well, he rolled up his sleeves and set out to fight.

Gu Mingzhi handed the briefcase in his hand to Qiao Xiaoqi: “Help me take it.” After a pause, he said, “You stand further.”

Qiao Xiaoqi blankly held the briefcase in her hand, a look of astonishment flashed across her face.

When she realized what was going on, she hurriedly stretched out and grabbed Gu Mingzhi’s sleeve.

“Huh?” Gu Mingzhi turned his head, his pupils shone with a light amber light in the sunlight, which was really beautiful.

“Don’t…Don’t fight…” Qiao Xiaoqi was distracted for a moment.

Seeing that the two men were really going to fight, Li Jiyun was also a little panicked, and persuaded Lin Di: “Lin Di, don’t do it. If it becomes a big trouble, I’m afraid it will be bad.”

Lin Di was stunned, and had to give up. He had a guilty mind, but if he really started his hands, he might be at a disadvantage. Now Li Jiyun gave him a step down, so he hurried down.

“Hello.” Li Jiyun stretched out his hand to lift the long hair beside his ear, walked in front of Gu Mingzhi, with a gentle smile on his face, and whispered softly: “If I guessed correctly, you are the new Gu. Professor Ming Zhigu?”

Gu Mingzhi’s gaze always fell on Qiao Xiaoqi, and he didn’t even see Li Jiyun, but only responded perfunctorily.

Being completely ignored in this way, Li Jiyun was very embarrassed. She was also a little upset in her heart. She had grown so big in her life and had never been ignored so much.

“Ji Yun, we have to go. The movie is about to begin…” Lin Di stepped forward and pulled Li Jiyun.

“Okay.” Li Jiyun’s eyes flashed an irritated look, and then took a deep look at Gu Mingzhi. Turning around, he left with Lin Di.

Looking at the back of those two people leaving, Qiao Xiaoqi sighed heavily.

On the shore of Jinghu Lake, the breeze was blowing gently, and the azure blue water was shimmering in layers.

Qiao Xiaoqi handed the briefcase back to Gu Mingzhi, and said softly, “Professor Gu, thank you just now.”

“Where are you going?”

“Go to the third floor office.”

“Together.” Gu Mingzhi said lightly.

“Huh?” Qiao Xiaoqi looked at Gu Mingzhi who was walking in front, and was taken aback.

“I happened to be there, too.”

What a coincidence? ! Qiao Xiaoqi’s expression was depressed, she had to slander, but her footsteps were closely behind Gu Mingzhi.

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