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Chapter 5 The Evil Murphy’s Law


The faint sound of the bell in the bell tower enveloped the entire C campus.

In the classroom on the second floor of the History Institute, the students handed in their exam papers one by one.

“Xiaoqi, thanks to you for the significance of the Hammurabi Code.” Lu Shuangshuang held Qiao Xiaoqi’s arm intimately: “I almost missed one…”

“Next time you read the book a little more firmly.” Qiao Xiaoqi smiled faintly.

As he was about to walk out of the classroom, Old Yang’s voice sounded behind him: “Qiao Xiaoqi, you can wait a while.”

Qiao Xiaoqi turned around, looked at the old head Yang who was finishing the test papers, and asked suspiciously: “Teacher, what’s the matter?”

Lao Yang Tou is a highly qualified old professor in the School of History. He is always unsmiling and always has a straight face. The students were afraid to approach, and gave him the nickname of Old Yangtou. Qiao Xiaoqi is familiar with Lao Yang tou because of her outstanding performance. After the contact, she knew that the old professor is actually a typical type of cold outside and hot inside, which is very good for students.

“The paper you sent to the competition last time has results.” Old Yang Tou looked at Qiao Xiaoqi very satisfied: “You are very good, you won the second place. The prizes are in my office. You will get them later.” “

“Wow, Xiaoqi, you are too good!” Lu Shuangshuang looked at Qiao Xiaoqi happily.

Qiao Xiaoqi smiled slightly and looked at Old Yang’s head: “Teacher, shall I go to your office by myself?”

Old Yang nodded: “Well, there is a meeting to be held later. There is a teacher on duty in the office, you go, and the teacher on duty will give you the prize.”

“Okay.” Qiao Xiaoqi replied: “Teacher trouble.”

Lu Shuangshuang left because of club activities. Qiao Xiaoqi walked on the gravel road alone, with headphones in her ears, walking slowly towards the office…

The C campus highlights the word “big”. It takes fifteen minutes to walk from the history school to the professor’s office.

In the headphones is Jay’s “Sunny Day”, the romantic and gentle melody makes Qiao Xiaoqi in a good mood.

When passing by Jinghu Lake, Qiao Xiaoqi’s footsteps stopped.

According to Murphy’s law, the more people you don’t want to meet, the more likely you are to meet.

Qiao Xiaoqi has always believed in this law.

For example, at this moment, Lin Di and Li Jiyun standing in front of her fully explained this point.

Lin Di was wearing a light-colored thin coat and black trousers, and his hair seemed to have been specially groomed. On the side, Li Jiyun, dressed in a brand-name red dress, stepped on stilettos, and a large wave of highlights was hanging down.

On the shoulders, it looks incredibly sweet.

The two held hands, still the most tiring kind of interlocking fingers.

Qiao Xiaoqi looked at the’male and female’ pair, and the corners of her mouth couldn’t help but get fucked.

It seems that I didn’t read the almanac when I went out today. It seems that she should choose some free time to burn two sticks of incense in the temple.

A flash of surprise flashed in Lin Di’s eyes, and he stood awkwardly in place.

On the other hand, Li Jiyun beside him seemed particularly calm, and deliberately rubbed Lin Di’s body, the smile on his face became sweeter.

There was a hot question on the Internet before-what should I do if I met my ex-boyfriend and his current girlfriend.

Qiao Xiaoqi still sneered at that question at the time, but now she only regrets it, she really wants to know the standard answer!

greet? Che, I can’t wait for a fist to punch these scumbags into outer space to say hello.

Pretend not to see it? Hmm…Does that seem to be very demeanor, or will Lin Di think that he still can’t let go of that scum in his heart?

While Qiao Xiaoqi was struggling, Li Jiyun’s voice sounded dizzyingly: “Hello, Senior Sister Xiaoqi.”

Qiao Xiaoqi secretly said in her heart, hello your sister.

However, when he raised his head, he looked like a nonchalant smile: “Ah…what a coincidence.”

Li Jiyun is also from the School of History, a graduate student, one level lower than Qiao Xiaoqi. Li Jiyun’s grades were poor, and she was able to go to graduate school, thanks to her father who was the mayor. When he first entered school, Li Jiyun’s sweet and pure image instantly attracted many boys’ pursuit.

But Li Jiyun didn’t know which nerve was the wrong one, so he took the initiative to show courtesy to Lin Di.

May I ask, is there any man who can reject a woman with a childlike appearance, coquettish, and superior family background?

The next thing, you can use your toes to know-poor Qiao Xiaoqi somehow became cannon fodder and was cheated.

Seeing Li Jiyun in front of him smiling very calmly at herself, Qiao Xiaoqi had to admire her acting skills.

“Senior sister, where are you going?”


“Huh?” Li Jiyun showed a questioning expression.

“I am busy.”

“Oh, oh.” Li Jiyun nodded: “Then don’t delay the senior sister, Lin Di and I have to go to catch the movie. Recently, a “Sweet Lover” was released, which sounds great. Especially suitable for couples. Look, senior sister, go and see if you have time.”

Qiao Xiaoqi raised her eyebrows, her face darkened.

Are you kidding me? My boyfriend

My friends were snatched away by you, and you still smiled and told me to watch a love movie?

Seeing the clear sky and cloudless weather, Qiao Xiaoqi took a deep breath. The world is so beautiful, but I am so irritable. It’s not good, it’s not good.

“Senior sister, your face doesn’t look very good. Would you like to go to the infirmary?” Li Jiyun asked gently, blinking his big concerned eyes.

“Haha, don’t worry, you are worried.” Qiao Xiaoqi sneered.

Lin Fei on the side could not help but say: “Xiaoqi, you…”

“To shut up!”

Qiao Xiaoqi’s face was completely dark, she could hold it back at first, but when she heard Lin Di’s voice, she really was about to explode.

Lin Di was taken aback, somewhat embarrassed. But after all, he was cheating first, knowing that he was wrong, and he closed his mouth in a serendipitous manner.

But this appearance fell into Li Jiyun’s eyes, but it was completely different.

Li Jiyun frowned and complained: “She told you to shut up, then you just shut up, are you still a man. Isn’t it just breaking up, so you are so afraid of what she does?”

This remark was already very clear, Qiao Xiaoqi looked at the two in front of him coldly.

Women have a special function that men don’t have-the technique of appraising the bitch!

At a glance, you can tell what kind of woman a woman is—green tea bitch, white lotus bitch, or virgin bitch?

Look at Li Jiyun, the smell of green tea is really spicy.

Qiao Xiaoqi didn’t intend to continue wasting time on these two people, and was about to leave, but was stopped by Li Jiyun.

Huh? Seeing this battle, you still kick your nose on your face?

“Li Jiyun, what are you stopping me for?”

“Senior sister, why are you leaving so quickly? Are you rushing to reincarnate?” Li Jiyun chuckled, “Although Lin Di dumped you, can you still be friends?”

Qiao Xiaoqi felt that her Three Views were about to be shattered, and rolled her eyes angrily.

“Sorry, I only make friends with people.” Qiao Xiaoqi said lightly.

“What do you mean by this?” Li Jiyun’s delicate face was a little bit angry.

“It seems that your language and literature skills are not very good.” Qiao Xiaoqi shrugged her shoulders, her expression indifferent.

“You!” Qiao Xiaoqi was anxious, stomped her feet, her lips with light pink lip gloss pursed slightly, and she shook Lin Di’s arm, “Lin Di, she scolded me round the corners. Moreover, she scolded you and said you are not human!”

Facing Jiao Didi’s aegyo, Lin Di couldn’t bear the face.

He frowned and stared at Qiao Xiaoqi, and said in a deep voice, “Xiaoqi, you talked too much.”

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