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Chapter 3 Want to run after eating dry?

Wow-so handsome!”

“Is this really the professor?! Impossible! Such a young professor?!”

“Gosh, am I dreaming!!!”

“Male god, male god, my heart, I’m going to have a nosebleed, I’m really handsome and can’t close my legs!”

The girls present widened their eyes, each of them looked like big-tailed wolves who had been hungry for so many years, their eyes glowing green.

In fact, this cannot be blamed on the lack of reservedness of the girls. The School of History was originally a liberal arts college, and the ratio of men to women was seriously imbalanced, almost 1:13. What’s more, the only part of the boys are crooked melons and cracked dates… Hey, if you talk too much, it is tears.

“Xiaoqi, look at it, look at it, it’s really super handsome!” Lu Shuangshuang’s tone could not hide his excitement, and he ran his elbow against Qiao Xiaoqi who was focusing on reading novels.

Qiao Xiaoqi raised her head helplessly, squinted her eyes and looked at the stage.

As a woman who has just broken up in love, she is really not interested in handsome guys.

However, when the handsome face on the stage was clearly seen, the novel in her hand fell to the ground with a loud “patter”.

This man! ! Isn’t it the man she slept with last night!

Heaven, earth, which angel sister is playing a prank!

“Xiaoqi, although you are excited to see the handsome guy, you don’t need to react so much!” Lu Shuangshuang looked at Qiao Xiaoqi’s red face and joked.

But at this moment, Qiao Xiaoqi could not hear other words at all.

Before her eyes, it was like a barrage, with three big characters “it’s over” circulated continuously…

Gu Mingzhi on the podium slowly unfolded the courseware, and said faintly: “Hello everyone, this is Gu Mingzhi. In the next month, I will teach you “A History of the Spring and Autumn and Warring States”, I hope I can get along .”

The voice was deep and cold, like the cold deep pool water in the same bay.

There was a thunderous noise in the audience, saying that it was thunder, but it was really not the slightest exaggeration.

“Before starting the lecture, do you have any doubts?”

After being quiet for a while, the students in the audience looked at each other. That kind of silence is definitely not the kind of unattended silence in normal days, but the silence that all are excited to be overwhelmed.

This inexplicable silence seemed strange, and suddenly, a nice voice rang, breaking the deadlock.

“Professor Gu, can you really ask any questions? Then I want to know, do you have a girlfriend?”

As soon as this remark came out, the whole classroom exploded. All eyes were focused on the questioner.

And at the moment, Qiao Xiaoqi, who is sitting next to the questioner, has only one impulse to die, Yaoshou, why should she know Lu Shuangshuang, a nympho!

Is it really good to ask such a question in such a serious history class! Be worthy of the “study hard, make progress every day” on the wall


Countless sharp gazes all looked at Qiao Xiaoqi’s side. If the gazes were tangible, I am afraid that at this moment Qiao Xiaoqi and Lu Shuangshuang have been poked into hedgehogs.

It is a blessing, not a curse, but a curse that cannot be avoided!

Qiao Xiaoqi squinted her eyes and said in her heart: Can’t see me, can’t see me, can’t see me.

Qiao Xiaoqi slowly raised her head and took a peek at the stage until she felt a scorching gaze above her head.

This raised his head, just to meet those dark and quiet eyes.

Eyes met and taught Qiao Xiaoqi to find a hole in the ground.

It’s over, but now I can’t hide it completely! Her Qiao Xiaoqi was inexplicably pitted by her teammates in this way… Well, life is full of surprises everywhere.

A chuckle flashed across Gu Mingzhi’s eyes, but only for a moment, he returned to his indifferent appearance.

He said lightly: “No.”

Lu Shuangshuang smiled and bumped Qiao Xiaoqi’s hand, and emphasized it again: “Xiaoqi, did you hear that, the professor has no girlfriend!”

It’s my shit-

Qiao Xiaoqi, who was sitting on pins and felt, rolled her eyes, she just wanted to quietly doubt life. I didn’t know if it was her illusion just now, but I always felt that when Gu Mingzhi said that, he said it to her…

Qiao Xiaoqi lowered her head, patted her face, and warned herself: wake up, what is in her mind.

The students in the audience were all boiling, especially the female students!

Here comes a male god teacher, who is excellent in every aspect, it’s outrageous, there is no girlfriend yet! This is simply a nuclear bomb!

Those girls who had been depressed for a long time were greatly motivated and scrambled to get rid of the problem.

“Teacher, what zodiac sign do you have? What zodiac sign?”

“Professor Gu, what color do you like best? Do you like durian?”

“How tall are you and what kind of girl do you like?”

“Professor Gu, how can you be such a good person without a girlfriend? Will you be very demanding?”

These questions are really…full of slots…

Qiao Xiaoqi held her cheeks, although her eyes were staring at the novel, but she didn’t see a line of words in a daze. The ears stand up automatically, listening to these unnutritious questions.

Gu Mingzhi glanced up and saw someone in the position who was immersed in studying, and his lips lightly opened: “Inconvenience to disclose. Please open the book and turn to the fourth page.”

“Ah… why.”

“Yes, I answered at the beginning…”

The girls erupted with disappointed sighs, seeing the expressionless Gu Mingzhi on the podium, they had to open the book obediently.

“About the history of the Spring, Autumn and Warring States period, there are many materials and classics. I believe that everyone here also has a certain understanding of this period. I will not make a cliché. I will tell you about the culture that has been unearthed in the next month’s course. About that

A period of history, this will be more appropriate to the image…”

Gu Mingzhi’s voice became clearer and stronger, unlike the constant chatter of those old professors.

The classmates in the audience were gradually attracted to it. Even Lu Shuangshuang, a scumbag who only knows how to play games in class, listened with gusto.

On the contrary, Qiao Xiaoqi, the recognized academic bully, was absent-minded.

Looking at the elegant and wise Gu Mingzhi on the stage, Qiao Xiaoqi’s mind showed some unsuitable fragments for children.

Thinking about it, her face couldn’t help but feel hot, and her heart thumped hard.

I don’t know how long it took, and one hand patted his shoulder heavily.

“Xiaoqi, what do you think!”

Qiao Xiaoqi’s body shook, as if waking up from a dream. When she saw that Lu Shuangshuang had packed up her books and looked at herself with a puzzled look on her face, she was stunned: “What’s the matter?”

“What’s the matter? The get out of class is over now?” Lu Shuangshuang’s hand swayed gently in front of Qiao Xiaoqi: “Is your soul hooked away?”

“Nonsense.” Qiao Xiaoqi slapped her hand away and looked at the podium subconsciously.

There was no longer a tall and slender figure on the podium. The students packed up in twos and threes and left the classroom one after another.

Qiao Xiaoqi never knew that one class could pass so fast.

“Xiaoqi, shall we have dinner together? Today I want to eat the braised pot from San Canteen.”

“No.” Qiao Xiaoqi stuffed the books into the brown-red schoolbag: “I have to go to the library. I have a few more books to return.”

“Hey, nerd.” Lu Shuangshuang shrugged and couldn’t say much.

The two of them walked to the entrance of the teaching building together, and the evening sky was hung with patches of sunset clouds, rendered in pink, against the white teaching building, which looked very beautiful.

After parting with Lu Shuangshuang, Qiao Xiaoqi walked directly to the library.

The C library is very beautiful and was once rated as one of the ten most beautiful libraries in the country. There are six floors, and each floor is divided into four departments. For bookworms like Qiao Xiaoqi in the history department, the favorite to drill is the Wenshi Museum on the fourth floor.

Outsiders commented that the books in the History Museum are like old women’s footcloths-long and smelly. Like bricks, each piece can be used as a weapon. It can be seen how unwelcome the History Museum is…

Walking in the deserted history museum, Qiao Xiaoqi was as comfortable as a fish in the water.

After finding two archaeological documents, Qiao Xiaoqi wanted to leave. But the footsteps subconsciously went to the last row of bookshelves.

“History of the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period -” black and white, posted on the bookshelf.

Picking out a thinner book, she turned it over while standing.

Looking at the dense and boring documents, her brows furrowed slightly, and she couldn’t help muttering, “Isn’t it that interesting.”

Suddenly, a clear voice rang in his ears: “Maybe it would be better to read this book.”

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