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Chapter 2 A big flag!

Qiao Xiaoqi was awakened by the sound of birds outside the window. She opened her eyes slowly, only feeling a heavy head.

But…what is this place?

With a soft breath coming from her ears, Qiao Xiaoqi turned around abruptly, looking at the handsome face who was sleeping beside her, her heart ran to her throat instantly.

What type of situation is this? ! Is she still in a dream?

After the rain, the gentle sunlight shines through the clean windows, and sheds lightly on the soft big breasts, on the serene and handsome face next to him…

Qiao Xiaoqi tried to think back, but there were fragments in her head.

Chaotic sex after drinking! Chaotic sex after drinking! He actually put a strange man to sleep!

“I will go wherever you go.”

“Kiss me, okay.”

Oh my God, I really said it by myself when I was so ashamed! To death to death!

Qiao Xiaoqi clutched a flushed face, and ran down from her in a panic. She couldn’t calm down even more when she saw the large man’s shirt on her body.

He hurriedly walked to the living room and put on his clothes in a panic…

In any case, the thirty-six plan is the best plan.

Walking to the hallway, Qiao Xiaoqi glanced at the big black umbrella, her face was hot again, and quickly opened the door and left.

Sitting in the taxi, the window was half open, and the hot summer wind was constantly flowing in, blowing Qiao Xiaoqi’s head sober.

“It’s really going to die. Hey.” Qiao Xiaoqi bit her lower lip tightly, remembering what happened last night, except for asking for a kiss, but afterwards, she can’t remember anything…

That man is so good-looking and lives in such a high-end community. He must be a person of identity. But he went home with him somehow, and put others to sleep. If this matter is known to parents, they must sweep themselves out of the house.

Qiao Xiaoqi’s ears seemed to jump out of two little people. One was full of blame, and the other was comforting: “It’s okay. God knows this matter. You and that man know… there will be no third. I personally know it! What’s more, the entire city of C is so big and crowded, I will never meet again.”

The car slowly stopped at the entrance of the Third Bridge on the C campus, and Qiao Xiaoqi walked on the road nervously. Looking at the exceptionally bright sunshine, my heart was full of wailing.

At this time, it was time for the second get out of class in the morning, and the students emerged from the teaching building like clusters of black ants. From time to time, there are couples walking by, holding hands incomparably close.

For Qiao Xiaoqi, who had just been “lost in love”, this was really…a crit!

Slowly walked to the graduate dormitory building, and as soon as I opened the door, I saw my roommate and healed

Friend Lu hurriedly packed the books with both hands. Seeing Qiao Xiaoqi coming back, she quickly put down her things and frowned worriedly: “You stinky girl, who didn’t come back all night, where did you go? I didn’t answer the phone!”

“I…” Qiao Xiaoqi sniffed, not knowing where to start for a while.

“Xiaoqi?” Lu Shuangshuang was stunned, looking at Qiao Xiaoqi’s slightly haggard appearance, as if he understood something, his eyes widened: “Could it be that?”

“Yeah.” Qiao Xiaoqi curled her lips and said fiercely: “Lin Di broke up with me.”

“Fuck it! What a bastard!” Lu Shuangshuang was anxious, and the swear word came out: “I said this bastard is not a good thing. Before he and Li Jiyun were ambiguous, it was too much for you to hold back.”

“Forget it, forget it.” Qiao Xiaoqi shook her head helplessly: “I also figured it out, it’s not worth it to be sad for such a scumbag. Just take it for a bite and gain a wit.”

“Xiaoqi, it’s really a shame that you can bear it. Li Jiyun and Lin Di, this is going to be placed in ancient times, they are going to be soaked in pig cages!” Lu Shuangshuang was still angrily: “You really intend to let Lin go so easily. Pin up that bastard?”

“I don’t want to see his cheeks anymore. The wicked have a natural harvest…” Although this is what he said, Qiao Xiaoqi was still a little unwilling in her heart.

But Li Jiyun’s identity background is not something her little Qiao Xiaoqi can afford. Adhering to the mentality that more is worse than less, it can only turn this matter over.

Seeing that Qiao Xiaoqi didn’t want to continue speaking, Lu Shuangshuang had to shut up angrily.

Qiao Xiaoqi walked to her bed, looked at the thin book on the table, and picked it up. Turning over two pages, I couldn’t help frowning: “A Brief Discussion on the History of the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period…what is this?”

“Hey, it was sent by the college yesterday.” Lu Shuangshuang explained: “It is said that our History Institute has spent a lot of money, and invited a famous historical and archeology expert who returned from overseas studies to teach us.”

“Tsk tsk, the college is really getting better and better, foreign professors.” Qiao Xiaoqi flipped twice again: “I’m back from abroad, are the lectures in English?”

“No, this expert is Chinese and speaks Chinese.” Lu Shuangshuang raised his hand and looked at his watch: “I think you are so haggard, so hurry up and have a rest. The first class this afternoon belongs to this expert, let’s not late.”

“What about being late… isn’t it just a class?” Qiao Xiaoqi watched Lu Shuangshuang funny. Lu Shuangshuang is an out-and-out student on weekdays. Every time she can’t get up in the morning, she skips class and sleeps. I haven’t seen her pay attention to a class like this…

“No, the college gave a death order. In order to show importance, you must be full attendance. Students who do not arrive will be punished!” Lu

Shuangshuang made an exaggerated expression, then raised his voice to emphasize again: “Punishment eh!!”

“It’s so serious… This expert is really big enough.” Qiao Xiaoqi shook her head, and automatically made up the image of a serious old man with gray hair in her mind.

“Isn’t it, I won’t tell you. I’ll go to the cafeteria to eat first, do you want me to pack a copy for you?”

“No, I’ll sleep for a while.” Qiao Xiaoqi waved her hand. At this moment, she just wanted to take a good rest and stroke the mess of thoughts in her head.

When Lu Shuangshuang left, the bedroom instantly quieted down. The only advantage of the C graduate student dormitory is probably that two people sleep in a quiet place.

The bath water rushed down, and Qiao Xiaoqi looked at the ambiguous pink marks on her tender and white skin, and her face instantly turned red and red.

Ah ah ah yao shou ah-what a shame!

At two o’clock in the afternoon, Beijing time, classroom 302, District 7, Yifu Building, was already crowded with students.

When Qiao Xiaoqi and Lu Shuangshuang walked in arm in arm, they were both stunned by the attendance rate in front of them.

“Let me take it, are all the students from the entire School of History here? I have never seen such a uniform at the opening ceremony.” Qiao Xiaoqi slapped her tongue.

“It’s just… Fortunately we are here this time.” Lu Shuangshuang rejoiced and hurriedly walked into the classroom.

Sit in the third row and arrange the books. The entire large classroom is just like a vegetable market, twittering. The entire School of History is divided into several directions. Students from these different directions gather together to discuss and discuss, which is extremely lively.

Suddenly, the whole classroom fell silent.

I saw the middle-aged bald Dean Wang Jinghai walked in and stood on the podium.

Wang Jinghai is a famous Demon King in the History Institute. When he entered, the whole classroom was silent.

“Students, today we will welcome a heavyweight expert in the archaeology world. It took a lot of hard work for our college to invite him. Wait for everyone to behave well and listen to the class carefully. If there is any violation of classroom discipline What happened, huh, at your own risk.” Wang Jinghai glanced at the students, nodded with satisfaction, and said, “Now, let us applaud and welcome the outstanding expert Professor Gu Mingzhi who returned from Country M.” “

As soon as the words fell, thunderous applause rang out.

The students stared at the door, wanting to see what the professor was.

A straight black suit, a handsome and proud face, an unsmiling look, and those deep sea-like eyes——Gu Mingzhi walked to the podium indifferently, and glanced at the students present, his eyes lighted. Slightly flashing.

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