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Chapter 1 Actually put him to sleep!

“Xiaoqi, let’s break up!”


“You are a good girl, but we are not suitable for…”

Seeing Lin Di in front of him so calmly said the reason for this incomparably nonsense, Qiao Xiaoqi’s hands on her knees gradually clenched into fists…

Lin Di wanted to say something more, the opposite Qiao Xiaoqi grinned and pulled out a slightly hideous smile.

“Break up? Okay!” Qiao Xiaoqi raised her hand, raised the glass full of juice, and splashed it directly on Lin Di’s face.

“Qiao Xiaoqi! Are you crazy?!”

“You’re cheating, you think I’m blind! The most damning thing is that you send me a good person card! Do you think I am a bully Qiao Xiaoqi? Dream! I’m not uncommon for a scumbag!”

After putting down these words, Qiao Xiaoqi grabbed her bag, turned and left the restaurant.

The night was dark, and the stars all over the sky seemed a little gloomy.

Suddenly, a flash of lightning struck in the sky, and the light almost illuminated the night like daylight. With a burst of thunder, the pouring rain fell straight down.

Unlucky! Unlucky! It’s really unlucky!

Qiao Xiaoqi, who had just drunk from the bar, stumbled on the road, and looked at the people running around, feeling extremely depressed.

I was only broken up one second before, and the next second it was poured into a soup chicken…

This is really a leak in the house, even rainy days! God, it’s not a Qiong Yao drama now! You don’t have to be so cooperative!

They all say “Children without umbrellas should learn to run”, but Qiao Xiaoqi is already more than half wet now, and she is not afraid of getting wetter.

At this moment, a big black umbrella appeared above the head——

Qiao Xiaoqi was taken aback for a moment, looked up at the umbrella, then looked sideways, looking at the person holding the umbrella next to her.

“Who are you—angel? You look so handsome—hiccup!” Qiao Xiaoqi squinted, her eyes red.

The man in front of him was in a light gray straight suit, tall and straight, with handsome eyebrows, especially his dark eyes, which were as charming as stars. With her thin lips pressed slightly, she frowned and looked at Qiao Xiaoqi in front of her: “You don’t recognize me?”

“I don’t know…” Qiao Xiaoqi shook her head, her pretty face was stained with two blushes because of the effect of alcohol. She pointed to the umbrella on her finger and smiled happily: “But thank you for protecting me from the rain.”

“Why are you so drunk?” Gu Mingzhi frowned deeper.


I’m broken in love…” When this topic was mentioned, Qiao Xiaoqi’s face collapsed, and she curled her small mouth: “Lin Di, that sad man, I have been with him for three years, but he broke up when he said he broke up. … He and Li Jiyun thought he could keep it from me…”

While she was talking, she staggered towards the front, her long black hair was soaked against her cheeks, she looked very pitiful.

“Xiaoqi, go slowly.”

“Eh? How do you know my name is Xiaoqi?” Qiao Xiaoqi widened her eyes and stared at Gu Mingzhi in front of him: “Could it be that you are really an angel?”

Gu Mingzhi chuckled slightly, and reached out to support Qiao Xiaoqi who was swaying: “I will send you back to school.”

Qiao Xiaoqi was firmly supported by Gu Mingzhi. She didn’t resist his touch, even… the good eau de toilette smell on his body gave her an inexplicable peace of mind.

“I don’t want to go back to school.” Qiao Xiaoqi muttered frustratedly.

“Then where are you going?”

“I will go wherever you go.” Under the instigation of alcohol, Qiao Xiaoqi jumped out these words directly.

Just let her indulge for a while, huh, Lin Di, that bastard, can’t find a better one without him.

What’s more, the man in front of him, whether in appearance or figure, is of the level of a male god.

Hearing Qiao Xiaoqi’s words, a complex emotion flashed in Gu Mingzhi’s black eyes.

“My head is dizzy, I can’t walk anymore, I really want to sleep…” Qiao Xiaoqi said dizzyly, holding her head with one hand, but the scene in front of her was still upside-down. Her body fell to the side, but fell into a warm embrace, a pair of powerful arms tightly shielded her limp body.

Looking at Qiao Xiaoqi, who was already unconscious in her arms, the expression on Gu Mingzhi’s face was faint, but those black eyes were full of helplessness and pampering.

Xiaoqi, I said I would shelter you from the wind and rain. I’m here to fulfill my promise when I come back this time.

Unexpectedly, you forgot me clean.

Gu Mingzhi lifted Qiao Xiaoqi sideways and walked straight to the black Aston Martin beside the road.

The rain is getting bigger and bigger, and the lights of the whole city are gradually blurred in the continuous rain of this night…

Xinghu Community, 23rd floor.

“I really can’t bear him… but why did he break up with me… I am still very sad…”

“But I pretended not to be sad, he kept saying that my character was too stubborn.”

“If I were a little gentler, would he change his mind…”

Qiao Xiaoqi kept talking, her voice choked. She hugged Gu Mingzhi tightly, and she rubbed her tears and rain on his clothes, no matter what the situation was.

“You lie down on the sofa for a while. I’ll make some sober tea.” Gu Mingzhi gently put Qiao Xiaoqi on the sofa, listening to her yelling another man’s name, his face was all on the way. not too good.

“Ok… OK, I’ll go to sleep first…” Qiao Xiaoqi nodded obediently.

Gu Mingzhi took a deep look, then turned and headed towards the kitchen.

When he walked to the sofa with the sober tea, Qiao Xiaoqi was sobbing quietly, her eyes blurred with tears.

His fingers gently covered her cheek, wiping away the tears, and his mood was complicated.

Qiao Xiaoqi grabbed Gu Mingzhi’s hand and held it tightly, as if someone would steal it.

“I’ll be gentle, can you not leave me…” Qiao Xiaoqi sat up, her eyes filled with confusion, she reached out and hugged Gu Mingzhi in front of her.

Gu Mingzhi’s body stiffened, and this wet hug made his brows frown tighter.

“Don’t leave me…I change everything…”

“You don’t need to change it, that’s fine.” Gu Mingzhi rubbed her soft hair and said lightly.

“Really?” Qiao Xiaoqi raised her head and looked at Gu Mingzhi expectantly: “Would you like to kiss me.”

But before Gu Mingzhi could answer, a soft and sweet kiss was printed.

Qiao Xiaoqi’s kiss was very young, the kind that just tasted.

Seeing her incomprehensible, still a little anxious, Gu Mingzhi’s eyes darkened, and he raised his hand to hold her head, turning passiveness into activeness, and deepened the kiss.

“Um…” A breath of breath escaped from her mouth.

I didn’t know whether it was the effect of alcohol or the effect of kissing. Qiao Xiaoqi felt that she was unable to exert her strength all over, and her body was limp, as if it turned into a puddle of water.

But this feeling is so wonderful, as if all the sorrows and worries have been left behind and disappeared without a trace.

“The clothes…uncomfortable…” She blushed and murmured.

Gu Mingzhi raised his eyebrows slightly, and an ambiguous smile appeared beside his thin lips. He stretched out his hand and rubbed Qiao Xiaoqi’s head, and whispered: “Stupid, wet clothes must be uncomfortable.” After that, he reached out and picked her up and walked straight to the bedroom.

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