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008 mnssu blood type

Secretary Zhang is Huo Zhizun’s personal secretary. He did a lot of things for him. He naturally understood his style. His back was soaked in sweat unknowingly. Hearing this, he knelt on the ground with a puff, “The subordinate is convicted. Mr. Huo, please give me another chance, and his subordinates will certainly redeem their merits!”

Huo Zhizun tapped his fingers on the tabletop, and after a long period of time, he said slowly: “Is he admitted to the city hospital?”


Huo Zhizun nodded, “Just this time, don’t do the same stupid thing again.”

When Secretary Zhang heard this, he immediately breathed a sigh of relief like an amnesty, “Subordinates know what to do!”

“Well, let’s go, get a little better.”


After Xiao Mo returned to his residence, his face was a little pale, and Ma Weidong was shocked, and hurriedly stepped forward and asked him, “Sir, are you okay?”


There is a rare fatigue in his voice, and Ma Weidong is very worried, “Mr. Has he stayed in the sun for too long today and feels sick?”

Before Xiao Mo could answer, he said to himself: “This is what I have always worried about. I’m afraid that Mr. will stay in the sun for too long. Like all your offices, they are all located on the sunny side. When I look back, I will move them all to the north. Go, and absolutely can’t do that in the future.”

Seeing Ma Weidong’s nervousness, Xiao Mo’s heart warmed. He actually thought that he had been burned by the sun. “Minister Ma, I am not afraid of the sun. It has been so many years, you haven’t noticed it.”

The expression on Ma Weidong’s face was stagnant, “Mister is not afraid of the sun?”

“Then have you seen my skin glowing?”

“…I’m really not afraid?” Although he has never seen his skin shine, Ma Weidong still can’t believe it, “I always thought you were able to move in the sun with the help of super powers, so I was always worried about your costs. He’s got too much physical strength and broke his body.”

A warm current flooded into Xiao Mo’s heart. If not for Yi Xuehan’s faint concern before leaving, this was the second time since he came to the earth 500 years ago that someone cared for him from the bottom of his heart.

Ma Weidong looked at his fingers and asked him in doubt, “Aren’t you all vampires who can’t see the light? I have watched a lot of movies and TV series about vampires, knowing that only high-level people can use the sun ring to move in the sun. , But you don’t have a sun ring on your hand?”

Xiao Mo smiled faintly, “I remember I told you before that the people in our clan are a bit different from the vampires on earth. We not only have wings, but every clan is not afraid of the sun, let alone my royal clan.”

It turned out to be so.

Ma Weidong was relieved, worrying about the problems for so many years and finally no longer have to shoulder the burden, “Since your husband was not hurt by the sun, why is your face like this?”

Xiao Mo sat on the recliner, looking up at the stars in the sky, “Minister Ma, I finally found it, blood type MNSsU.”

“Really? Mister really found it? Where is it?” Ma Weidong’s eyes widened in surprise, a little incoherent happily.

“I met her today.” Xiao Mo sighed inaudibly. “But, I never expected that she would be so similar to the first woman with MNSsU blood that I sucked five hundred years ago.”

Ma Weidong was startled, but also felt a little strange, “You mean, not only do they have the same blood type, but they also have similar looks?”

Xiao Mo didn’t say a word, so he acquiesced.

“Who is it?”

“She’s Yi Xuehan, Minister Ma, I want her detailed information.”

When Xiao Mo said these three words, his heart seemed to be knocked sharply.

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