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006 Two mature steaks

Xiao Mo suddenly lost his mind, this smile, these eyes, and her scent, everything was so similar, how could there be such a coincidence.

The wound that I had never dared to touch was uncovered again because of this sweet smile, and a festering guilty came out. He supported it for five hundred years, but he did not expect that only a familiar smile would make it easy. Crushed.

Xiao Mo retracted his thoughts and raised his lips slightly, “I’ll ask.”

When Yi Xuehan heard this, she immediately smiled and shook her head, “How can this be done? How can it cost the savior?”

Xiao Mo stopped arguing and nodded in agreement.

They chose an authentic French restaurant. Yi Xuehan, who has always been an iron cock, almost bleeds this time. Without asking for Xiao Mo’s advice, she spontaneously ordered a table of the most expensive dishes. If it weren’t for the man opposite to stop her in time, she would still I will add another baked snail.

“Leftovers are very uncivilized behavior.”

Yi Xuehan paused. She didn’t think so much, she was just a little excited. One was that she survived her catastrophe, and the other was that the man who saved her was a superb man.

The moment she fell just now, she really thought, die if you die, but once you really live, you can truly appreciate the beauty of life. What is better to die than to live? She is talking about people like her.

She smiled and handed the recipe back to the waiter, “I’m afraid the benefactor will not eat it well.”

Xiao Mo faintly lifted his lower lip and stopped talking, but the hand under the table already oozes a thin layer of sweat.

The special scent of the little woman in front of her seduced his nerves and disturbed his mind. If he hadn’t tried to restrain it, he would really bite her on the neck in full view.

The two parties stopped talking, and the atmosphere seemed a little embarrassing. Gu Yueer laughed dryly and asked him with a smile, “Mr. What is your last name?”

After all, he was born in the public relations department, and he has experienced many such occasions, so it is natural to be more relaxed than Yi Xuehan when it comes to socializing with strange men.

Yi Xuehan heard the words and looked up at him, only to find that his eyes were always on his face, and his ears were a little hot. After only one glance at him, he hurriedly looked away.

For some reason, her heart kept beating, and she thought she had seen a lot of handsome guys, but they had never felt such a flustered feeling, just as if she had done something wrong.

“Xiao Mo.” He doesn’t like to laugh very much, even what he says is so concise.

“My name is Gu Yue’er, and the one you saved is my friend, Yi Xuehan.”

Yi Xuehan.

Xiao Mo nodded, remembering this nice name.

The dishes came quickly, but Xiao Mo did not move the knife and fork, but watched her eat quietly. Yi Xuehan looked at him in astonishment, “Mr. Xiao, is it not to your taste? Or, I will Let me change you one.”

It’s all because she was too rude just now, and didn’t ask others what she liked to eat.

“I’m not hungry.”

“How can this work? It’s this time.”

Xiao Mo couldn’t help but ordered a steak for himself, two mature ones.

After the dishes came, he just symbolically cut a small piece into his mouth, and swallowed it slowly. Looking at the bloody steak, Yi Xuehan felt a little nauseous, not knowing how this man ate it.

Out of the dining room, the blood in Xiao Mo’s body was still screaming, and there was always a voice in his mind reminding him not to let her go.

But right now it was broad daylight, and the flow of people was surging. Starting here would definitely cause the crowd to panic. That would be bad. He didn’t want to do that.

“Miss Yi, my car is nearby, why don’t I take you back.” This is the longest sentence he has said from beginning to end.

Yi Xuehan hesitated. She was not such an open girl. Although he had a life-saving grace for himself, it seemed a bit inappropriate to get into someone’s car so quickly.

As soon as she was about to decline, she heard a high-pitched voice that was mixed with obvious hostility, “No need!”

Xiao Mo’s face sank, and he turned his head and looked over.

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