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005 Angelic Man

The woman in her arms closes her eyes tightly, her long eyelashes are like a butterfly, vibrating light wings, and her white skin is like silk and satin in the sunlight, especially the special fragrance that radiates from her body. The blood in his body was tempted to boil and roar.

Everyone’s attention has been shifted from this woman to his face, and there was constant discussion. Xiao Mo forced a bit of a bit of a bite on her neck, looked away, and looked up at the crowd onlookers.

Although most people didn’t pay attention to him just now, the few closest to him still noticed, and they were looking at him with strange eyes.

Xiao Mo frowned slightly. With his five hundred years of experience on earth, they would surely scream in surprise in the next second, “Monster.”

Xiao Mo shook his head helplessly, looked into the eyes of these people, and said silently in his heart: “Forget what you saw just now, go play with your own.”

At this time, all the staff rushed over, seeing that Yi Xuehan was shocked, and the big man had been rescued successfully, he blasted the tourists away, and several people who had been ecstasy by Xiao Mo suddenly returned. After passing by, looked at each other a few times, and then walked away somehow.

Yi Xuehan woke up quietly, but her face was still pale and pitiful. She opened her eyes slowly, and what caught her eyes was a beautiful but noble face. He had a pair of slender and sharp faces. Eyes, looking at herself with concern at this time, made her heart suddenly confused.

No wonder people say that heaven is a place for good people to enjoy. It turns out that there is nothing wrong with it.

“Angel, you look so good-looking.” She thought so, but she also said so, but she felt that something was wrong as soon as the words were spoken.

No, how could her voice be so real.

Yi Xuehan frowned in shock and thought about it carefully. It seemed that she didn’t feel any pain just now, and she smelled a faint fragrance. Isn’t she still dead?

Yi Xuehan suddenly woke up from her dream, only to realize that she was lying in the arms of this beautiful man, and the fragrance came from him. She screamed in surprise and blushed. Jumped down.

Xiao Mo looked at her beautiful eyes that had already opened, and his heart suddenly jumped, and the pain that had been buried for a long time seemed to be wafting out, and his limp body jumped away from his arms, and he was a little bit reluctant to give up.

If she didn’t object, he thought, he would always hold it like this.

“Just now, you saved me?” Yi Xuehan was still not sure, and asked tentatively.

Xiao Mo recovered his expressionless indifference, “As you can see.”

Yi Xuehan raised her head and glanced at the top. She still felt incredible when she checked the height. Xiao Mo knew what she was thinking and added: “Not as high as you thought.”

Gu Yue’er got off the boat and ran over in a hurry, grabbing Yi Xuehan’s hand and looking left and right. When she was sure she was really fine, she finally cried with joy, “Dead girl, you scared me to death just now, oooooo. “

Yi Xuehan laughed, “This gentleman saved me.”

Following her hand, Gu Yueer saw a tall and handsome Xiao Mo dressed in black. She lost her eyes for a moment, and then bowed heavily to him, “Thank you, Mr., for saving my friend. If we have time, let us treat you to a meal.”

Yi Xuehan also recovered, and hurriedly smiled and nodded, “Yes, in order to repay Mr.’s life-saving grace, this meal must be requested!”

Looking at her smile, Xiao Mo’s heart throbbed again, and time seemed to have returned to the thatched hut five hundred years ago.

This smile, these eyes, and her scent are too similar.

How could there be such a coincidence.

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