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004 Amusement City Fright

Yi Xuehan stubbornly grasped the safety guardrail of the pirate ship. After a few turns, he began to feel that the sky was spinning. He just rushed up, and was immediately taken down by a pair of invisible hands. The lunch he had just eaten kept turning and stirring in his stomach. what.

White pigeons flew over her head, and then more and more pigeons hovered above her, lingering, the screams in her ears were like curses, and like an oversized loudspeaker. , The volume continues to expand and then expand, until no more sound can be heard.

Finally, she fainted gloriously.

With a twitch of his stomach, he vomited all of it out, vomiting it was a hearty and dripping, and vomiting it was a shock.

A couple sitting in front of Yi Xuehan were yelling in excitement. Suddenly, a peculiar hot rain fell from the sky and poured all over the girl’s head. The girl suddenly collapsed, and the screams directly overwhelmed the boat. All the screams cut through the sky.

Unexpectedly, her boyfriend is a sturdy man. He overcame the sense of imbalance in his body. When the hull rushed up again, like a superman, he jumped onto the seat of Yi Xuehan regardless of the danger of his life, and took a big hand. He grabbed her by the collar.

Yi Xuehan was originally thin, and even with the safety fence, his body was still swaying, but when he mentioned it, he lifted it straight out.

“You stinky girl, where do you vomit? Go and lick it for me!”

This scene happened so quickly that even Gu Yue’er didn’t react. Seeing Yi Xuehan being picked up by the man, she was strapped to a safety bar, and she couldn’t move when she wanted to move.

The sudden riot quickly alarmed the management staff of the amusement city. Many tourists gathered on the ground and sweated for them. The staff in charge of the pirate ship hurriedly ran back to the control room and pressed the stop button.

However, everything was too late, the hull rushed up again, the big man weightless body, he directly grabbed Yi Xuehan’s collar and rolled down. When the shot was uniform, the big man’s hand hooked the edge of the hull tightly. , The body was hung in the air, but Yi Xuehan was directly thrown out inertially.

Yi Xuehan’s face turned pale, and her heart said she was dead now, she would not sit in the last row if she had been sitting in the middle, even if she fell, she would just fall on the person behind, and she wouldn’t be thrown out directly. what.

She felt her body turned into a solitary boat, sinking in despair on the stormy sea, and then sinking again.

When she opened her eyes again, she saw people on the ground beckoning to her and saying something, her face was full of horror. When she was sitting on the boat just now, she felt it was really high, but why did she fall? When the ground became so low.

Yi Xuehan closed her eyes tightly, nothing more, just die like that, anyway, she was tired enough to live.

When Xiao Mo arrived at the playground, he saw this scene. He didn’t care about the life and death of human beings, but when he found that what he was looking for was the protagonist of this thrilling event, he couldn’t help frowning.

She wore a red windbreaker. In his eyes, all the surrounding beauty instantly lost its color, and only the fiery red remained. She was like a gorgeous maple leaf, out of the ties of the branches, lonely and lonely. Fall to the ground.

Xiao Mo secretly clenched his fists and took a step forward. A strong wind picked up on his figure, which disturbed the corners of people’s clothes and rushed past at a speed that ordinary people could not see.

The crowd of onlookers were looking up at the woman who fell from the sky. Following her swiftly falling figure, she suddenly noticed that there was a person standing underneath. At this time, he was opening his arms, and the tall figure was like a savior. Zhuan, when she was about to kiss the ground, firmly caught her.

Everyone was dumbfounded. At such a high distance, the weight of the rapid fall was several times that of the human body. This man did not use any external force to catch her easily, and his face did not change and his heart did not beat. How did it do it.

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