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003 The smell of it

According to his perception,’Mo Wing’ appeared in S City not long ago, and one of the places that appeared in the picture, the S City Hospital, has been ruled out of its existence, so the only thing left is the jewelry. Shop now.

It was stolen there, and its energy information will be left behind. From this, you may be able to find out its whereabouts by threading the needle.

Xiao Moli pondered for a moment under the billboard, his slender eyes narrowed slightly, his figure turned slightly, and his figure disappeared into the dark night after turning his clothes around.

As he expected, the breath of’ink wing’ has long disappeared in the Jewelry Building, the thieves have left no trace, and the robber in the S City Hospital has no trace of it.

Where did it go, and what happened to the short-lived energy induction just now?

Xiao Mo’s brows were unconsciously twisted into the word “Chuan”. At human speed, in such a short period of time, it would never be transferred to other places. Then there is only one possibility. It must still be in a corner of S city and be artificially manipulated. Covers the energy it releases.

Back at his residence in City A, Ma Weidong was still waiting for him. Seeing him back, he immediately greeted him, “Sir, have you found it?”

Xiao Mo shook his head, “Minister Ma, I will prepare materials tomorrow. I will set up a branch in S City.”

Ma Weidong was startled, “Mister expected it to be in S city?”

Xiao Mo gave a hum. For so many years, his branch offices have opened one after another, all following the footsteps of “Moyi”. As soon as they sense its existence, they will start a local search, but in the end they will all be useless. And back, I hope I won’t be disappointed again this time.

Today Yi Xuehan rested, but got up earlier than ever. For her, the rest day is more tiring than going to work. Because she is usually too busy at work, all her personal affairs are concentrated on the rest day. The first one, which is also the most troublesome for her, is shopping.

It’s said that a woman’s wardrobe is always missing a favorite item, but for Yi Xuehan, the clothes only need to be worn enough, and the clothes are clean. If Gu Yue’er insisted on pulling her, she wouldn’t The most precious wealth in life is spent on the road.

S City will always be so prosperous and there will always be so many people. Yi Xuehan and Gu Yue’er have strolled the entire Laomiao Street, and the trunk was filled with large bags and small bags.

“Han Han, let’s go to the Amusement City to play.”

“I won’t go to death, the soles of my feet have ground bubbles.” Yi Xuehan lay on the back seat of the car, not even having the strength to speak.

But the result is that Gu Yue’er forcibly bought her on the grounds of making a week’s dinner.

Today is the weekend, and there are so many people in the amusement city like ants on a rainy day. They are swarming here. Like a puppet, Yi Xuehan was dragged onto the pirate ship by Gu Yueer.

Because of the need to set up a branch, Xiao Mo came to S city one step ahead of time to buy an apartment. It is important to find’Mo Yi’, but the company’s affairs should not be sloppy. Preliminary investigations are still necessary.

Xiao Mo drove the entire S city around in his car, and finally decided to locate the branch in the most prosperous city S and also the commercial gathering place with the largest passenger flow. This is a paradise for tourism and shopping, and the huge SNS LOGO is here. , Is a good advertisement.

He leaned on the car door, closed his eyes and quietly received the information he needed. Unfortunately, he did not sense the traces of the’ink wing’. He just wanted to turn into the car, his eyes suddenly stagnated, and his body was stiff.

Did not find the’Mo Wing’, but accidentally let him find its taste.

Xiao Mo was overjoyed, feeling that every cell in his body had come alive, and the blood was tumbling in his body. Before thinking about it, he ran away from his long legs and sprinted in its direction.

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