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002 Ink Wing

Xiao Mo was sitting in the living room reading the newspaper, suddenly choked, the newspaper in his hand dropped to the ground, his other hand pressed against the aching chest, his face pale.

“Sir, are you feeling sick again?” Ma Weidong saw him like this, so scared he got up and helped him.

Ma Weidong is the head of the marketing department of Xiao Mo’s company. He looks much older than Xiao Mo. After following Xiao Mo for many years, the two are friends and more like family, so he will come over to take care of Xiao Mo’s daily life when he has time.

The pain gradually dissipated, and Xiao Mo slowly raised his handsome eyebrows, “I sensed’Mo Wing’.”

Ma Weidong was overjoyed, “Really? You really felt it? Where is it?”

Xiao Mo turned his head, raised his right hand, and gently waved in the air. In the air above the restaurant, a projection screen appeared out of thin air. Although it was misty, the quality of the image was very clear.

In front of him was a picture of a jewellery company being stolen. A man’s back flashed in front of him. Then he saw that the bandits died tragically one by one, and the only survivor was admitted to the S City Hospital.

Xiao Mo waved his hand again, the picture disappeared, and his face was paler than before.

Ma Weidong quickly poured him a glass of water, “Sir, with your current physical condition, is it okay to reflect the past images?”

Xiao Mo stood up, did not answer his words, and said lightly: “According to my feelings,’Mo Yi’ is not in the S City Hospital, but it must not have been out of S City.”

“Mr. Want to find it?”

Xiao Mo nodded, “The back figure in the picture must be related to this theft. I must go to S City.”

“But, from city A to city S so far, is your body okay?”

“Don’t worry.”

Xiao Mo put on his coat and walked straight to the door. The long figure was like a wind. The glass door shook a few times, and the figure disappeared into the dark night.

Ma Weidong sighed slightly, but after a moment of entanglement he showed a gratified smile.

“If you can find it, then Mr.’s illness will be saved.”

Yi Xuehan came out of the bathroom, and his colleague and friend came back from outside, “Why does this expression make the blind date not smooth?”

Gu Yue’er kicked off her shoes and lay on her back. “The old lady has said clearly, first, don’t look for a man who can only think halfway (homonymous), and second, don’t look for a man who just looks at my face. Man, third, I don’t look for a man who has no cultural content but has been talking about it. Fourth, I don’t look for a man who pays me for food, Hanhan, have I asked too much? Why are all the top quality I encountered?”

Yi Xuehan smiled and shook his head, “No man can pass the first one. It seems that you are destined to live with me forever.”

There is a long row of cages in the corner of the living room. Nearly ten cats are closed inside. At this time, they are pulling the wire mesh with their paws, showing signs of spring break.

Gu Yue’er turned over and complained dissatisfied, “I said, when do you plan to throw them away, their screams in spring are too terrifying, and those who don’t know think our family sells babies.”

“They are very pitiful, well, you need to be caring.”

The same thing had been said countless times, but Gu Yue’er didn’t want to talk to her anymore, she found a change of clothes and went into the bathroom.

The prosperous city of S, even at two o’clock in the morning, still flashes neon, high-rise buildings in the Milky Way, like countless gems of different colors, crystal clear, fascinating.

The originally quiet billboard light box suddenly flickered, just in the blink of an eye, when the light box was turned on again, there was a ghostly black figure in front of it. His tall and straight figure stood on the quiet road with black clothes. The robe flutters, like a night elf, mysterious and charming.

The night breeze slowly blew his brown hair, covering one of the peak eyebrows, softly swinging on the tall bridge of the nose, Xiao Mo slowly closed his eyes, sensing the information coming from all directions, and then from Filter what you need from this information.

It’s strange that it could be sensed just now, why did it disappear in a blink of an eye?

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