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001 Wedge

In 1514, Ming Wuzong Zhengde was nine years old.

The dark night, as if boundless thick ink was smeared heavily on the sky, not even a crescent, a trace of starlight appeared, and occasionally a meteor flashed across the night sky with a coolness, and the white light was so miserable and desolate.

However, one, two, more and more meteors pierced the sky and rushed down diagonally. In an instant, the sky was as bright as day, and the meteors and meteorites attacked the earth at an alarming speed, hitting hard in the world’s sleep. Towards the land, countless large pits more than ten meters deep were instantly revealed on the flat surface.

The astonishing sound and powerful air current shock wave collapsed countless houses, and the river roared for it, like a cage-breaking male lion rushing down, swallowing countless creatures, plagues everywhere, and the people are not alive.

However, as the meteor swarm fell together, there was also a black shadow, which fell to the ground lonely and feebly like falling leaves. Those who survived seemed to see something shining brightly. It collapsed from that shadow and disappeared instantly.

However, when I looked for it again, not only the shining thing, but even the black shadow disappeared.

Some people say that today’s emperor is so stupid and innocent, so that the heavens resent God’s anger, so he sent an emissary to save the earth, and this emissary has disappeared among their people to explain the people’s feelings in detail to tell the people’s suffering.

Others say that the shining thing is a magic stone, and the person who picks it up can have infinite power, going up to the earth, and omnipotent in the world.

Sanfu became a city tiger, with a short history and a long history. This legend spread out at an astonishing speed among the folks, and people were vying for the magic stone and wanting to own it.

Natural disasters can still be avoided, and people’s hearts are hard to measure, so another disaster arises for no reason, and the sky is full of blood.

Five hundred years later.

Yi Xuehan was dizzy after drinking. After saying goodbye to her friends, she walked home slowly. Fortunately, the bar was not far from her home, so she could go back on foot.

“Dead girl, actually left me alone… I will meet a man, and I won’t die when you come back to see me…” Yi Xuehan muttered to herself drunkly, one foot deep. Walk forward with your feet shallow.

It was another spring and moon night, the warm air enveloped the earth, the bright moon hung high, the sparse stars blinked happily, and Yi Xuehan raised his head high, squinting his eyes to enjoy the comfort of the breeze.


In the quiet street, a man’s low and painful cry suddenly came out, and Yi Xuehan’s drinking spirit suddenly woke up more than half, and the hairs on his body were erected.


Jiu Zhuang heroic, Yi Xuehan leaned step by step in the direction of the voice. There is a small alley ahead. Because the night is too late, the street lights have long been turned off. If it weren’t for the moonlight, it would be impossible to see what was inside.

Yi Xuehan stood at the entrance of the hutong for a while, and when his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he saw that there was a person lying on the ground, “Who, who is there?”

The person heard her voice and gave another hum. Yi Xuehan didn’t know where he was, and walked slowly into the alley, but just after two steps, a pungent bloody smell came over his face. .

Yi Xuehan’s nerves tightened suddenly, “You, are you injured?”

She didn’t even think about it, she quickly took out her mobile phone and dialed the emergency number. When the man heard the three words for ambulance, she struggled twice and seemed very scared, but she lost too much blood and didn’t have the energy to speak at all.

Yi Xuehan waited for the ambulance for a while, and she almost woke up from the alcohol. When her consciousness slowly returned to her brain, she suddenly thought of something and patted the seeds on her head vigorously.

I really lost it to myself, why should I be nosy? This person in the middle of the night has no evidence. In case she is mistaken for a murderer, catch her, or make her pay a hundred and eight hundred thousand dollars, she Where to cry.

The horn of an ambulance was faintly heard in the distance. Yi Xuehan looked helplessly at the people on the ground and said, “Hey, sister, I can only do this step. The conscience of heaven and earth, your hurt is not I did it. Don’t talk nonsense then, know?”

The person seemed to have passed out in pain and did not answer her words.

The sound of the whistle was getting closer, and Yi Xuehan hurriedly escaped from the alley and hid in a corner in front of him and secretly looked over here.

The ambulance quickly stopped at the entrance of the hutong. Several medical staff got off the car. They looked around and seemed to be looking for the person who reported the crime, but they didn’t find it after searching for a long time. Finally, someone saw the dying in the hutong. The man who was stubbornly lifted the person into the car and drove away.

Yi Xuehan came out from the corner, exhaling like a lingering heart.

As soon as she turned around and wanted to go, she suddenly saw a shining object out of her eyes. She quickly turned her head back, looked at the luminous body, and walked over slowly.

It turned out to be a black stone. With the bright moonlight, it could actually reflect the bright light. Yi Xuehan picked it up and put it in the palm of her palm to look at it. It felt pretty pretty. If you take it for a little modification, you can give it to her. The baby cats make a pendant or something.

Thinking of this, he put it in his clothes pocket and dangled back home.

Back at the apartment, Yi Xuehan greeted the group of cats she raised, “Baby, mom is going to wash it for nothing, you guys have to be good.”

Yi Xuehan took out the stone and threw it into the vanity case on the dressing table, then rubbed his swollen head and walked into the bathroom.

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